Samuel turns 3!

Samuel was king of the slip-n-slide all summer and requested a slip-n-slide party.  We had a perfect day for it (and have the perfect long slope in our backyard), and loved celebrating our sweet 3 year old.  I say "sweet samuel" probably way too much, but it's the best way to describe this precious boy.  If he were an only child, or first born, I'm convinced he would be the easiest one in the world.  He does get frustrated and overwhelmed by the fast pace of his brothers moving around him.  By nature he takes things much more slowly, absorbing the details as he goes.  He's content to be at home and play and talk and do nothing, as opposed to his brothers strong need for stimulation and constant action.  Regardless, he worships Milam and has formed a very strong bond with Peter.  I love watching the special relationship that he has with Peter.  They really are buddies.  They talk in the car, sit by each other, share toys and love being around each other. My prediction is that Samuel will be the peacekeeper between the brothers.  Even at such young ages, I can already see the comfort these boys take in each other.  If one of them is uneasy about a situation they look to each other in different ways to gain comfort and confidence.    The moments I get alone with Samuel are so very precious in his own special way. I adore him and can usually count on him to be the calm, easy, peaceful, loving, agreeable (as much as a 3 year old can be) part of my life.  At his 3 year checkup he remained off the charts at 51 pounds and 41 inches. BIG boy!

hanging out and having a snack together:

Birthday Boy!

This was during the "happy birthday" song...his shy face.  You can tell when he's uncomfortable b/c he does this weird thing with his mouth or speaks without moving his mouth.  we joke that he could become a ventriloquist.

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