July and August

It's December now, so I'm getting a jump start on the recurring New Year's resolution to document better. Now that there's a chill in the air, I can calmly talk about July and August without getting all hot and bothered (literally) about the ridiculous Texas heat. We survived July by heading to the lake and not moving a whole lot. We hardly left the house and moved in the usual circles of house to lake, to golf cart, to yard, back to lake, to happy's house, back to lake. Milam is an official lake rat: he was swimming with no flotation device, and has advanced from regular jumps in the water to full blown cannon balls, can openers, and belly flops. Samuel still isn't confident in the water but had fun splashing in the shallow end at his own pace and I was able to get him submerged with me a couple of times when he was by himself. And Peter wanted nothing to do with it...I have high hopes for Summer 2012 that they will all be swimming self sufficiently and I'll be watching with a cold bevvie in my hand. The days were long, lazy and mostly carefree just as I fantasize how summer days should be. We had the perfect balance of downtime, time with friends, and time with family. A highlight was having a "girls weekend" (luckily there were a couple husbands present as well to help with kids) because old college friend Maggie in town. It amazes me to spend time with these girls and all our kids (there were 9 total). Life is so incredibly different now, and a few (ok...more than that) of our college antics are frightening as our kids get closer to that age.  August was less carefree and more survival!  Milam stayed busy doing vacation bible school with a few afternoons of swim camp.  And we went to the pool a ton.  Ours gets really warm in August and the kids are ready for a change of scenery!

Batchelor kiddos visiting - Lillian and George

Milam & Lillian looooooved this frog they found.  Carried it around all day until he "fell asleep"

He looks so old here...

Sweet love Samuel.  Life jacket is snug as a bug...

Lunsford cousins.  They love each other so much and played so well together.  hope they have the best memories of our july's together.

college crew kids...adorable!

And these 3 little ones i could just eat up....why can't they stay little?!?

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