Halloween & More Stitches

October has become one of my favorite months.  Weird because Halloween has always been my least favorite holiday, but the kids love it and I can't help but get excited with them.  The weather finally gets good, everyone has adjusted to school, and there's just enough activity without it being overwhelming!  My plan was to have a lion, tiger and bear but the boys had other ideas.  Milam did want to be a Tiger and I was thrilled (and very shocked) to dodge the superhero getup yet another year.  Getting Samuel into a costume at all would be a serious challenge but he wanted to be a cowboy (because that's what Milam was last year)...I didn't argue...that's easy.  He wouldn't wear a hat or his cowboy boots though.  So Peter got to be my monkey...i've always had this nickname for him...not sure why...and he was a cuuuuute little monkey.  We did a low key walk around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  They all loved it, and when Peter got tired Milam and Samuel got to hand out treats at our house with daddy.  Milam likes this part just as much.  It cracks me up how loud, animated, and super friendly he is with everyone.  Not a shy bone in that child's body. 

I haven't done a "cute" playdate in years and busted one out for our friends Tiffany, Lillian and George.  I decorated, baked cookies, set the table with cookie decorating supplies, and set out halloween books to read.  About 3 minutes before they were supposed to walk in the door, Milam took a toy away from Samuel and was running around the house with it.  He ran smack into my metal table and gashed his eye open.  My gut instinct immediately thought he needed stitches, but then after it stopped bleeding I thought it didn't look that bad...maybe prima care for a butterfly bandage?  I decided to go ahead and let him decorate his cookies (he was more upset about missing that than going to the hospital), and wait for Brian to get home and take a look.  Brian said..."he needs stitches.  that is deep".  So off we went for another trip to the ER.  He ended up with 6 and was super brave just like Samuel.  They were so good with him and Milam loved it.  strange kid, I know.  he was fascinated with the machines and what they were doing and loved all the attention, of course.  So now we're old pros next time something gets gashed open!

At the pre-k parade (they parade into all the lower school classes...so cute).

Before trick-or-treating (but after Milam's class party, and trick-or-treating at Brian's office...they would not cooperate with me whatsoever):

Proud of his battle wound:

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