1st Day of School

We were all very ready for the start of school and to get back on a routine.  Milam started pre-k at his big boy school that he will attend through 8th grade.  I was very nervous about the long day (he goes every day from 9-2) but it should have come as no surprise that it's great for him.  He did have a VERY hard adjustment in the beginning and every afternoon was a blur of crying, meltdowns, fits, etc from the time he entered my car until the time he went to bed.  Apparently this is a very common situation and it worked itself out after a couple of weeks.  He absolutely loves school, his teacher and his new friends.  There are 10 boys in his class and 5 girls.  Great for us, but not sure how those poor sweet girls are surviving.  His favorite things at school are Spanish and Music.  Language has always been one of his strengths, and in hindsight we probably should have put him in a Spanish submersion preschool.  I have no doubt he would have been fluent by now.  He just has a fascination with talking and language.  We have a new housekeeper that is wonderful and he races in the door on Mondays to practice Spanish with her.  He has made tremendous progress in his fine motor skills and has started taking some interest in drawing and art.  I love this and seeing how proud he is of his "masterpieces".  I see much progress even though this is probably still his weakest area.  Milam has always loved people and he truly loves spending his days with friends.  We couldn't be happier with his new school.  Knowing that the new year/routines would be an adjustment we kept after school activities to a minimum.  No idea where Milam's fascination with Karate began, but he begged me to do it and is loving it.  He takes it very seriously and is really good at it.

Before school photo shoot:

Samuel started his second year of Mothers Day Out at our church.  He goes Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2.  They don't take naps anymore but it's worked out great.  He naps on the non-school days and is actually in a better sleep routine than before.  He had been napping every day but waking up around 5 am.  He still does this a couple times a week but we're able to send him back to bed now.  My sweet Samuel also had a rough start to school.  The third Tuesday I received a phone call to come pick him up.  He had fallen into a bookcase and had one of those GIGANTIC goose egg bumps on his head and they couldn't get him to calm down.  Then on Thursday,  I received another call to come get him because he needed stitches.  He had fallen backwards on the steps and gashed the back of his head.  This was my first stitches situation and I panicked for a minute. Called Brian and asked him to come with me as I thought it would be super traumatic.  When I got to the school to pick him up, he was totally calm and fine and was actually upset that he was being sent home again.  He told the teachers "but i didn't cry this time".  SWEET love. He got 4 staples and was so brave.  It was way easier than I anticipated, but was glad daddy came along with a paci!!  I was extremely worried about why Samuel kept falling down at school, but we haven't had any episodes since then.  He is getting more coordinated by the day, but still has trouble getting his big frame to do what he wants it to.  His teacher adores him and has told me he is a "ray of sunshine"...always positive and always happy.  She also commented on the funny things that he says and his compassion for everyone.  He is very in tune to people's feelings and wants to make you feel better if something is wrong.  She said everyone loves Samuel and he's doing great.  We tried to do swimming lessons and he was absolutely terrified.  He cried the entire lesson.  They encouraged me to stick with it, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  We'll try again later.  On Friday mornings I take Samuel and Peter to music class and hopefully in the Spring we'll pick up soccer...he talks about wanting to do soccer all the time. 

Before School Photo Shoot:

     After Staples:

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