No more baby...

Peter is walking!!! He's been taking steps for a few weeks, but never wants me to put him down long enough to really take off. But we came home from vacation to a full blown toddler. So stinking cute. He chases me all around the house saying "mama, mama". Seems more interested in being in my arms than walking, but he's mastered it. Not only does he walk, he wants to do everything his brothers do. sit in a big chair, climb up and down the stairs on his feet, go down the slide, drive the jeep, use a fork....you name it and he's trying to do it. i love it. he's also picking up so many words. A few off the top of my head: moo (meaning cow), you're welcome (i SWEAR...it's not really a "word" but he makes the same sound in the same amount of syllables every time i say thank you. he knows what he's saying), kitty, go out, get down. He's also learned how to shake his head yes and no and how to run away from me. This he especially loves and DIES laughing when i catch him. wonder how many kids i would have to birth to get one that doesn't despise getting dressed and diapered? He really is a precious, sweet boy. Loves to lay his head down on my shoulder and say "mama" when I pick him up, which i can't get enough of. every time i've tried to get a video of him walking a brother runs in front of the camera or knocks him down. will try harder...


New Aunt, Easter & 7 years!

These last few weeks have been and busy! Most exciting is that Uncle David married sweet Kaela in Houston the weekend before Easter. Milam and cousin Lily were the ring bearer and flower girl and could not have been more precious. Once Milam set everyone straight that he was going to be the 'necklace bearer' NOT ring bearer he did great. Samuel was actually the stinker and my sister (the saint who came to help with the boys) ended up spending the wedding outside with Samuel and Peter. We all love Keala and are thrilled to have a new aunt and sister.

From Houston Milam went home with Aunt Ashley and the girls and had a blast going at their ninety-to-nothing pace for a few days. I took little brothers to the lake and had a relaxing and peaceful few days. Crazy how easy two kids seems now...ha! We missed Milam though and were happy to be back together as one big family for Easter weekend. After Easter, Brian and I spent three short days at home and left for Palm Beach to celebrate 7 years! We are truly blessed.