big boy room & nursery

I'm not ready for Samuel to be a big boy (even though at 2 he weighs 48 pounds and wears a 5T) but he outgrew the nursery and Peter was ready for a real room.. I fought it hard, but Brian convinced me it made sense to get rid of my guest room and let them all have a room until someone is ready to share. I do love a good decorating project and have had fun getting started on the big boy room. We've had an antique Texas flag sitting in our pool room for years, so it was my starting point for the room. I have always loved soldiers for little boys...probably because I fondly remember them from my childhood with a West Point dad, grandad and uncle. Found some adorable prints on Etsy & got one of dad's old ones. The nursery needed a little spruce up for Peter...the bedding that my mom lovingly slaved over just couldn't make it another baby boy. Samuel is a sweaty thing and had turned it pretty much brown. I found some very sweet Cottontail bedding for Peter....it fits him. I have joked that Peter got a room for his first birthday...but it's true. I moved them after we got home from celebrating at the lake. They both love their new rooms and the biggest shock was that Samuel was done with the crib as soon as I put him in his big boy room. He was so proud....and I wasn't expecting that at all. It's a good thing though because nobody needs to be hoisting him into the crib. Gauranteed backache. He's fallen out of bed several times but seems to have the hang of it now. And typical Samuel (my easy child)....the few times he's ventured out of bed when he wasn't supposed to, all it took was one correction which sent him running back into bed. Hopefully we can avoid the reverse ducktaped door lock this time around!