happy birthday dear PETER!

peter turning one is bittersweet. i was pretty sad all day but love, love, love age 1 to about 16 mos. it's just the sweetest. we celebrated baby peter at the lake with family and a few close friends. happy, isabel and caroline made his cake and he seemed to enjoy it. a little less enthusiastic than his brothers since he's already been exposed to lollipops, juice, cookies...whatever they are having. i was suspicious that he had another ear infection because he wasn't sleeping great and kept pulling on it. sure enough this was confirmed at his one year checkup. this last year has been an exhausting, thrilling, and most of all happy whirlwind, and i can't imagine life without baby peter. he's going to give milam a run for his money. he's always trying to tell us something and has words for "kitty, go OUT, banana (i'm sure no one else could ever make this one out), uh oh, hi, read, open, and bye bye". He seems really nimble to me, and is a climber...wants to be up on everything. that little leg is always reaching for something to climb up. weirdest thing to me is that he's totally walking on his knees just like milam did. what in the world!?! He weighs 24.2 pounds (76%) and is 30.25 inches long (60%). this one will always be "the baby" and couldn't be loved more. my new computer isn't letting me drag pictures into the correct place, so these are all outta order. i finally got a new camera though so at least i took some!!

when i grow up...

on the way to school this morning milam said "mama, when i grow up i'm gonna be a teenager and drive a big monster truck with five wheels and breathe fire. did you know that teenagers breathe fire? that's what they do."

hmmm...i hope not.