little darlin....

here comes the sun! we have been spending every moment of this week outside. my boys are one thousand times happier and more manageable outside. they can run, bang, crash, roar, roll, shout, kick, throw & stomp their hearts out. life has been incredibly busy. our challenge of late is that peter wakes up at 5 or 5:30 (obviously not well rested) and cries and refuses to be put down until his morning nap. i have let him cry hoping so hard that he'll fall back asleep, but he never does. and the insanely loud shrieking wakes milam up, so i've got two up before 6 trying to get all the morning chores done with one hand. whew....not a pleasant start to the day. the other challenge is milam's attitude toward samuel. he's finally realized that samuel can and will fight back when he physically assaults him, so the assaults have turned into words. he says he hates him, doesn't love him, and aggressively shouts at him anytime samuel so much as looks at him. it's ridiculous. hoping we're getting through all the mean stages so that they can be friends or at least tolerate each other at some point.

milam continues to enjoy the routine, and companionship especially, of school and is thrilled to be doing soccer tots with some of his school friends. two kiddos moved in across the street and he begs me every second he's home to play with them. the little boy is 7, but they do great together. i mourned the beginning of his "boyhood" when he came home begging me for a batman lunchbox. he's soooo pround of it. samuel is still my sweet boy, and wants to be big like milam so bad. every night after milam went to bed, he would beg to put on the light up monster truck shoes. i finally broke down and got the firetruck version for him at his last haircut. we enjoy little gym and errand running together while milam is at school. peter is changing so much every day. he's trying really hard to talk and has "mama, dada and uh-oh" down pat. he gets frustrated very easily and is very vocal. wasn't sure there was room in the family for another vocal, stubborn, head strong boy but we've got one! he's learned how to clap, show us how big he is by holding his arms in the air, give kisses on command (my personal favorite), and is trying hard to walk.