Isla Mujeres

We had such a great time in Isla Mujeres. Happy flew in Christmas day and we woke the boys up at 5:30 am on the 26th for the trip. I wasn't sure how that would go, but they travelled beautifully. Peter took little naps on the go and then he and Samuel both went down no problem as soon as we got to the hotel. Only crises was that Milam lost blankie somewhere before going through security. Brian went back through and never found it, but I had packed a backup in our checked luggage. We told Milam that someone would find his blanket and put it in our bag and that we would see it again in Mexico. Luckily he was fine with that little white story. Samuel didn't mind his "mexico bed" (pack-n-play) even though he took up every square inch of that thing. I was very concerned about the weight limit and him crashing to the floor. The first few days were too cold to hang out on the beach, but luckily the boys didn't know what they were missing and were easily entertained sans beach and pool. Once it warmed up they were loving it!!! It almost makes me feel sorry for them to live landlocked seeing how much fun they have at the beach and in the water. Samuel would lay down and drive his cars and was content being in his little safe place. He did eventually get into the water and stand on the tide....slow and steady. You can't rush that child into anything. It was too hard to keep his paci's hidden away so he had a major mexico love affair with them. Getting home and ending the fling was tough. Milam was a wild man. Swimming way out to the furthest sand bar, running into the waves, jumping in the pool...heaven for him. He also wanted EVERYTHING they were peddling on the beach. We purchased cotton candy, coconuts, peanuts, and a henna tattoo. This he was especially proud of. We had to wear short sleeves for days after coming home (in the freezing weather) to make sure everyone saw it. He still has a concerning rash leftover, but I'm dreading the conversation with the pediatrician that we let him get a tattoo on the beach in Mexico! I can't even describe the dancing routine he performed on the beach one day...it will forever be ingrained in my head. He was flinging himself all over the place, rolling around, shaking his head in the sand, etc. I'll post a video clip, but it doesn't do it justice at all. By the time brian ran back to the room to get his phone he was finally losing steam. oh.my.gosh. it was funny. Peter was a trooper, but sick most of the trip (croup then cold). He was sleeping terribly...one night he was up no less than 12 times. I discovered my kids love ceviche....who knew!?!


Milam's Fourth Birthday

Four sounds too big and Milam is growing up too fast. His last bedtime before turning four, I was telling him that I didn't want him to grow up. And he was begging and pleading "Please Mama, please let me grow up". How I wish it was my choice. He is all boy....all the time. Ready for action from the second his eyes open bright and early until the second they close. His little body is in constant motion...sitting still to do anything is not an option. Prefers to potty outside, loves to potty talk, always covered in bruises, thinks every time we get in the car we are racing all the other cars on the road, terrorizes his brothers, the dog, the cats...the list goes on. Superhero's of all kinds have stolen his heart recently, and I already miss the sweet days of Little Bear. When did that happen? He's never even seen spider man, but insists on wearing the sad little 24 month tee shirt to bed every night. He absolutely adores people and despises being along or doing anything alone. I admire how outgoing he is and that he has the ability to make people laugh and love him. Last week, he asked Brian to take the training wheels off his bike and just sped off like he had been riding that thing forever. This especially amazes me considering I still can't ride a bike. I love him so much. As much as I agonize over every birthday and milestone, four is starting out to be the best age!


Thanksgiving {major shiner, first tooth, Milam turning 4} Christmas

This is my attempt at one big catchup from Thanksgiving to Christmas and everything in between. I have neglected documenting my babies and have a 2011 resolution to do better (pretty sure I said the same last year). Where do I start? we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family at the lake. the cousins hadn't seen each other since summer and they were so good, cute and fun. they were remembering all the things they did and played over the summer and were wanting to do them all again. milam really, really wanted to swim....i remember the same torture as a child and even remember swimming in frigid water in February once when we couldn't stand staying out of the water. we tried putting milam and samuel to sleep in the same room and it was a disaster. they were up almost all night. samuel kept getting out of bed and tormenting milam, but when we tried to seperate them they would freak out. samuel was up for good at 3 am that day so ended up having to take a nap before the thanksgiving feast! too bad, because that boy was in heaven eating everything happy placed in front of him. he's a machine. samuel really couldn't keep up with the big kids at all this summer and was pretty much a frustrated mess, but this time he was able to play and was loving it so much. he's changed a ton since summer.

The day we were leaving for Thanksgiving Peter's first little tooth broke through. I am ridiculous about milestones, and the first tooth always gets me. maybe because it's the very first sign that they aren't a little tiny baby anymore.

Milam got a MAJOR shiner at school. got my first 'dont-be-alarmed-but-you-need-to-come-pick-milam-up' phone call. it was really, really pitiful but healed up much faster than i thought. Think he got tired of everyone asking him what happened.

We made it through another crazy december. Had a dinner party for Brian with dear friends and milam was seriously into making the cake...could hardly stand waiting for him to blow the candles out. Met our friends The Pritchett's in Grapevine for the Polar Express train ride. they really enjoyed this and were so, so stinking cute sitting on santa's lap. they weren't freaked out at all and chatted him up. Celebrated Milam's fourth birthday with a breakfast with santa party. Hosted the Olson Christmas, and left for Mexico the day after Christmas. Resolution #247....take MORE (or any at all) pictures. Think Brian has officially taken over I gotta get them off his iPhone though.

Milam was most excited about a spiderman cake for his birthday...since that wan't part of the party plans I picked this beauty up from Kroger for his birthday day.

I had some pics taken for our xmas cards...Brian couldn't make it home, but she insisted that I jump in a few shots anyway. Some faves...the middle one is classic.