Sick to my stomach haircuts

I was trying to be super efficient today and it backfired. I noticed a barber shop right next door to where we were having lunch. Convenient, right? The boys were all awake, happy, dressed...thought I would knock it out while we were out. They BUTCHERED my babies hair. My eyes were stinging from holding back tears. They don't look like the same children and I've been sick over it all weekend. I know this is minor. Hair grows back. But the holidays (and Milam's birthday) are around the corner and all I can think is that my boys are gonna have full blown big boy cuts in every. single. picture. reminding me how much I HATE these cuts. Lesson learned. Don't mess with a good thing. I will never, ever, evvvvvvveeeeer stray from the stride rite hair salon again. I can't even bring myself to post a picture.


And he's off....

Peter is crawling!! He seems way too little to be doing it, but couldn't be more pleased with himself. He started about 2 weeks ago and about two days after he started he was already pulling up. Onto the next thing. I think he might be an early walker, but I hope not. He's now added the one-stiff-leg crawl and the downward dog to his repertoire...trying to get up like his brothers I guess. They never did any such thing. I hadn't seen my sister since the summer (a record) and was missing them like crazy, so took off to San Antonio Halloween weekend. A few days spoiling Peter was wonderful, even though he was sick and sleeping terribly. His cousins adore him, and were wondering when I would be having my next baby ;)

I'm challenged when it comes to video. This one is sideways and should be listened to in mute. My baby talk is like fingernails on the chalkboard.


Happy Halloween

The brave cowboy, indian, and last baby pumpkin (whaaaaa) had a great Halloween!! Think the sugar high is just wearing off even though Milam had no problem handing out his entire stash of candy to the few trick-or-treaters that came to our house.