Milam got to skip school today to meet some friends at the arboretum. I have never been a huge fan of this place as it's always crowded, milam wants to know where the playground is as soon as we enter (there's not one!), and they are always cranky/fussy by the time we park and hike all the way to the kid area. But today they actually had fun!

i mean....samuel's belly! that 4T shirt won't even cover it.

Someone actually came and yelled at Milam for being in here...while I'm over there sneaking a picture. Maybe I was out of line, but really didn't see what the big deal was. He wasn't hurting anyone or himself or that corn cob thing. Whatever. He was crushed when they fussed at him. I have enough to yell at him over besides that. This has been a common theme for us lately. He got yelled at by someone else's mom at the chick-fil-a play area for being too loud the other day. Excuse me? So kids aren't allowed to be loud now in a KID play area?


walk in the park

Something touched me today. This I read by someone who lost a baby daughter about her son....'The tiny things that used to drive me crazy are no longer so annoying. I am just so happy he is here'. Annoyed really sums up my state of mind lately. I'm annoyed that I'm covered in spit up within minutes of a shower. I'm annoyed that the dog starts stalking me at 3 for her dinner. I'm annoyed that the boys insist on cutting my new flowers with their scissors no matter how many times I ask them not to. I'm annoyed that they can't get along. I'm annoyed that they won't eat their vegetables. I'm annoyed that Peter won't sleep through the night. I'm annoyed that I am exhausted by 8:30 pm. I've just been a very grumpy mom lately in need of an attitude adjustment. Reading about the loss of a child shaped me right up. I looked at Brian over the weekend and laughed saying, "what in the world did we do with ourselves before kids"? His resonse was "life was just a walk in the park". I still think our life is a walk in the park... even if I'm walking with dirty hair, spit up on my clothes, dark circles under my eyes, three babies in tow (one of them screaming and crying no doubt), and we aren't really getting anywhere. I'm just so happy my boys are walking with me.

The little boys played in the leaves while Milam was at school today