Peter - 6 month & Samuel - 2 year

Peter is SIX months old...I've been having some slight freak out's about him growing up. I can hardly stand it. What am I gonna do without a baby to hold? His pediatrician said I should not be getting up with him in the night anymore, but I can't help it. I acually enjoy the late night snuggle. Some nights he goes from 7 pm to 6 am, but most of the time he'll wake up around 10 or 11 for one last snack. Gotta have calories to maintain those thighs! He's turned into the happiest little thing. He has this tiny giggle he does under his breath (for no apparent reason) all the time. Love it. I can't get enough of him. He's sitting up great and already getting on all fours and rocking back and forth like crazy. This boy has places to be...he's busy! Have a feeling he'll be trying to keep up with his brothers in no time. He is 21 pounds (90%) and 27 1/2 inches long (83%). Staying true to the Olson tradition of huge babies.

Speaking of huge...onto sweet Samuel. The first two years of Samuel can be summed up in two words - easy and sweet! He is still very much both, but I can see the two year old business creeping in. He knows what he wants now and how to say it. He tells Milam (A LOT)...NO pushing me, NO hitting me. Two of his other most loved phrases now are "want to" (meaning 'I don't want to') and "hold you" (meaning 'hold me'). Sometimes I feel sorry for Samuel, because I think it must be very hard being a middle child. You've got things coming at you from both directions. A big brother bullying you and a little one pestering you. Most of the time he takes it all in stride and is so patient and laid back. My prediction is that he will be the peace maker between the brothers. The boy loooooves to eat. I have been tempted to hide in my pantry for a meal because he will relentlessly hound you and eat no less than half of whatever you've prepared for yourself. As easy as he his, handling him is not. He weighs 42 pounds (greater than 95%) and is 39 inches long (greater than 95%). His pediatrician says he is bigger than the average 3 year old. But he has the coordination of a one year old it seems. So clumsy and still requires a lot of help and handling. He makes up for it in sweetness...


Chugga Chugga Choo Choo...

Sweet Samuel had a big weekend celebrating his second birthday with a train party. He loooooves trains and was in heaven. He walked around all day saying "Choo Choo". The kids zipped around the backyard in a train pulled by 4 wheeler and they would turn around and wave at each other and at the parents when they drove by. This made me laugh...they waved like they hadn't seen us in ages. It was a perfect day for my almost 2 year old. Something must be wrong with me because I also had lots of fun party planning. Ashley, my nanny, is a wonderful baker and helped me do my first birthday cake. Here's some pics of Samuel's big day.


Back to School, etc...

The big boys started school a few weeks ago and it's going great. The first week, everyone was sick AGAIN but they were fine in a couple of days. Samuel is having a hard time at drop off but I'm pretty sure it's just because everyone else is crying. They immediately stick the paci in his mouth so we've regressed a little on that. As soon as he's used to school we'll crack down again. Milam goes every day and the routine has been good....I was ready for it. When I pick him up, he's always sitting down calmly doing something he wouldn't be caught dead doing at home....a puzzle? He would never, ever sit still and do one for me. And ready or not, my life as a soccer mom has officially begun. I did the first practice solo with all three in tow and it was hysterical. I was actually impressed that these little kids can kick the ball so hard. Samuel does Little Gym Thursday while Milam is at school and he has the biggest grin on his face the entire time. I don't know if it's little gym he's so in love with or having my undivided attention for an hour. Either way, it's adorable. And Peter is at that age now where I would give anything to freeze time for a year (or two). He's sitting up, smiling and cooing constantly, super snugly, sleeping pretty well...heaven. We laugh how different life for the third must be. So much stimulation around him at all times, but he loves it.

1st day of school. Poor Samuel...not a happy camper

Pillow makes everything a little better

Milam's 1st soccer game...daddy didn't get a very good pic.

Peter's 1st bath with brothers...we need a bigger bathtub!

Playing rain with Peter

Sweet baby

Samuel getting geared up for his birthday party!