Peter's Baptism

It was a special weekend for us as we celebrated Peter's baptism with family. All the boys were perfect, and it was a joyful day. We met Kelly before church for some pictures. I had no expectations at ALL and even told her to just get some of Peter. But guess what? The big boys were thrilled to see her and did everything she asked of them :0 I had to laugh that Peter had on one shoe in the pictures and they weren't even his baptism shoes...they were Samuel's. Third baby? If that's the only issue....I consider it super successful. My sister was heading up here with the shoes she bought for Peter and right before loading the car, Caroline broke her arm. So...the shoes were sent with my mom who was arriving just in time for church to start. I opened up Samuel's baptism shadowbox and borrowed his for pictures and we lost one before we even got started. The service was great and when Mark (our preacher) asked what we were going to call Peter, Milam gave an enthusiastic BABY Peter. It was very sweet. Of course Mark had to throw in a "you have three boys?!? God bless you" at the end. I did feel a little like we were the three ring circus at the altar, and that we were a little distracting for the other families, but that's how we roll now I guess. Someone found the missing shoe, so everyone has their proper shoes as momento of such a special day. Kelly's pictures took my breath away. She's nothing short of amazing. Here's the link:



My Husband Chip & A Broken Heart

Two things I had to write down. First, Milam has not an imaginary friend...oh no...he has an imaginary husband named Chip. But Chip is a girl. This CRACKS me up all day long. He tells stories about Chip, talks about Chip's dog (named Fuzzy Wuzzy). Sometimes he gets a new husband because Chip died....heee heee. So funny. And Second, this was our driving convo the other day:

Mama: Milam, I love you (I'm ridiculous!)

Milam: *Blank stare....no comment* (at least there was no eye rolling)

Mama: Milam, you don't love me too? (ok....REALLY ridiculous)

Milam: Yes, I do love you.

Mama: OK. good. If you didn't it would break my heart (maybe even a little psycho)

Milam: Mama, would God up in Heaven have some tape to fix your heart if it broke?

Mama: Hmmm...maybe. But I'm not ready to go to Heaven yet.

Milam: Why not?

Mama: Well...I would rather stay here and be your Mama.

And then he drama king was balling crying this morning that Samuel broke his heart after Samuel hit him. Ha!


Tough Love

Since we got home from the lake, we've been working on a few issues and I'm happy to report some SUCCESS! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Peter moved into his crib and has had some really good nights. Not making it all the way through, but getting some 4 and 5 hour stretches has made a world of difference...I'll take it! I wake up feeling rested...and I haven't felt remotely rested in MONTHS! He's also starting to take some good naps instead of 30 minute cat naps all day long. Hallelujah.

Samuel starting putting his paci "night night" in the crib when he wakes up and that has been an easier transition than I imagined. Sometimes he fights it, and sometimes he cries for it during the day but he's doing good. Without that thing in his mouth all day, he's really talking up a storm. Repeats everything Milam says and can communicate almost everything he wants now. His frustration level is down a ton...and I think he's finally feeling better too.

And this is the best new of all....Milam #2'd on the potty! I took pull-ups away (even at night...so I'm washing sheets every day) and he did it for Ashley while I was gone...no big deal. That's so Milam. He would fight me on it forever. He held me to every bargain I ever made with him...so off we went to Toys R' Us for his jeep. Look OUT!!

I get a Gerber baby comment every time I'm out with Peter.
My baby:

Gerber Baby:

Samuel was just as excited as Milam!


The Endless Summer (of sick)...

I can hardly stand that our three weeks at the lake are over. It was wonderful to be there, as always. There is just something about not having to get the kids dressed or in the car all day long that suits me just fine. The less I have to move the better. However, with three boys on my hands movement (of any and all kinds) seems to be the name of the game! We spent the days taking golf cart rides to Happy's house, the neighbor's beach, to feed the catfish, to watch the deer, to the other neighbor's swingset, and to Happy's dock. Milam swam his heart out and I really love that he's turning into a "lake rat" just like his mama used to be. His favorite swimming hole was the neighbors beach where he could "glide" (this is the term he came up with for swimming with his head underwater). He was in heaven when cousin Greg took him on the jet ski...the faster the better of course! And he could have tubed all day long. I rode it with him the first time, not becuse he needed me, but because he didn't weigh enough to keep it from going under upon takeoff. But he did hold my hand the whole ride which melted me. Samuel, on the other hand, needs another summer to get used to things. He wasn't sure about it all. As great as it was, the boys were sick almost the entire trip and keeping them happy was hard work. I don't even know what all they had...bronchitis (I got this too), croup, butt fungus, ear infections. SO annoying. Poor little baby Peter was up two nights in a row for two hours screaming his head off. I knew something was not right and should have come home to take him to the dr. I feel like a terrible mom for not trusting that instinct. No telling how long that ear has been hurting him and no wonder he couldn't sleep. Hopefully we're on the mend and can enjoy what's left of the summer....

I only got my camera out ONE day, and didn't get any good lake pics...what is wrong with me!?!

This is how Peter spent almost all of his naps at the lake...thank heavens for Happy!!

My monkey loves his bath now!!