Stinker, Stinkier and the Stinkiest!

How do I even begin? These boys. I'll start with Stinker (Peter)...the child will not sleep. He without fail, every night, wakes up 20-30 minutes after I get him down and then consistently on the hour all night long. He can't soothe himself whatsoever so there's lots paci plugging and patting involved to get him back to sleep. all. night. long. It's for sure time to let him cry and learn how to soothe himself, but I'm having trouble getting in the mindset with a 3 week vacation ahead of us. Maybe I should tackle it on vacation while I have lots of help? I'm running on no sleep which might be OK if Stinkier and the Stinkiest weren't involved. Moving on to even Stinkier (Samuel). He's very much turning into a two year old....whining, whining, whining. I've heard about this phase but was lucky enough to skip it with Milam because he could communicate so well at a very young age. Samuel knows what he wants, but I sometimes can't understand him and he gets really frustrated. He's also going through another clingy phase....follows me around like a little duckling and I hear "hold me, hold me, hold me" a TON. Almost any new situation sends him into a tailspin. It takes at least 30 minutes of crying before he can cope and then needs to be holding my hand or have me within reach to function. Then there's the Stinkiest (Milam) who has been indescribably out of control. I really feel like his behavior is truly spinning out of control. I can't even put it into words. There's a combination of strong will, bossy, intense, extreme and highly active that has me at a loss. His behavior alone would almost send me over the edge but dealing with all three stinkers is too much. I almost cancelled vacation plans so that I could concentrate 100% on getting everyone into shape. After talking to my mom, I decided a change of scenery might be a good thing and then when we get home vacation is OVER. I've decided Milam's extremeness is going to call for some extreme parenting/discipline (desperate times, desperate measures right?). I have three weeks gear up to be drill sergeant mama!

Craziness aside, the boys are growing and changing so fast. Peter (update later) had is 4 month checkup and is perfectly healthy and has been described by several people as a Gerber baby. He's a doll. He is officially a hip baby and loves to be carried and watch all the commotion around him. He still startles easily at loud noises (aka MILAM)...you would think he would be used to it, but that lip quickly turns upside down followed by whimpering. Samuel is getting more and more coordinated and has finally starting running. It's hilarious. I've gotta get it on video. He is so proud of himself but takes the tiniest steps ever while every inch of his chubby little self shakes. He's been trying to tee tee on the potty like the big kids (my sister was here with her girls for a week) but hasn't actually done the deed yet. Milam has truly turned into a fish just in the past week. He's full blown swimming without his life jacket. He swims so much that I'm worried the chlorine is going to eat away his skin. He discovered his super hero outfit that Nana got him for Christmas and would only be addressed as "super hero" this morning. Funny. He headed to the lake this morning (with my sister) in cowboy boots and his superhero cape. Guess she's getting a small dose of life with little boys....


4th Pics

Here are some of my favorite pics from the 4th. Peter got lots of snuggles and the "big kids" were in heaven.

My sweet boys

Kisses from Cousin Isabel

Posing in front of happy's amazing window!

Snuggles from Aunt Carie

Hangin with Happy at her dock


July 4th weekend

I don't know how we got to the lake in one car packed with: cooler, big black dog, 3 babies, baby swing (yes...we still can't leave home without it), groceries, bags, & golf clubs. But we did, and had a pretty uneventful ride. The weekend was wonderful and the weather wasn't even bad as was predicted. It was actually perfect. Hot enough to get in the lake and enjoy a float, but cool enough to sit in the yard with an almost 4 month old. Peter handled all the new faces much better this time. He had a serious case of stranger danger last time and it broke my heart. That bottom lip curl gets me every time. Milam and his cousins played soooo well together unsupervised. They are learning to work their tiffs out on their own....so nice. We even got to take the boat out to see the fireworks thanks to Happy's babysitting services. I am always amazed that they don't wake the babies up. They are so loud and seem to be exploding right on top of our house. It was really hard to come home this time because the weekend was unexpectedly relaxing and easy. Peter even slept well a few nights. Milam really didn't want to come home, so he stayed with my mom a couple of days. Of course the minute we get home, Samuel has some sort of stomach bug and Peter starts sleeping terrible again. And when I picked Milam up today he was saying his throat and ear hurt. Really? Maybe we should just move to the lake....

I left my camera in my sister's bag, so will have to add photos when she gets here next week! I got some really cute ones of ALL the kiddos. This is hard, hard, hard. Uncle Mark had to do some serious acrobatics and even busted out with the centipede. HA! The kids were in stitches. I was too.