Baby Peter - 3 months

Is it inappropriate to call Peter "baby Peter" his whole life? I've tried to explain to Milam that he will always be my baby...he hates when i call him a baby and quickly corrects me saying "I am a BIG boy, not a baby". Peter growing up will be the hardest and it's already started. I had to put loads of newborn clothes away and had myself a little cry while I was doing it. He is 3 months old and has started to settle into a better routine most days. He seems to have mellowed out a little. No more screaming in the bathtub...he's learned to enjoy it as long as I sing and he can see my face. He tolerates being changed now too. He lights up when he sees my face, laughs at his dada, and seems very observant of his brothers. He is also super strong. Puts so much weight on his legs "standing up" and he doesn't like laying down...he tries to sit up with all his might. He's ready for action! The swing is still the only place he'll sleep peacefully during the day, and he's still in my bed at night. I know these are bad habits but still feel somewhat in survival mode...even after 3 months. Whatever it takes for him to be rested and happy. I love his spiky hair, chubbiness, and waking up with him in the morning. The baby strech and yawn is too precious. I attempted a few 3 month photos, and this is all I got...have been very frustrated with my photography lately. Don't feel like these don't capture the full cuteness of baby Peter.


Summer so far...

I had to really think about what the heck we've been doing the past month. i am officially brain dead. this is the third time this has happened to me after months of really, really, bad sleep with a newborn but it's still shocking just how dumb i get. i can't seem to finish thoughts or sentances...it's bad. we are also living in the sick house it seems. Both boys have had double ear infections (this started from croup over mother's day weekend), then Milam got swimmers ear, and both still have an out of control cough and woke up this morning with fever and runny noses. what in the world!?! Lets see....we went to the lake for memorial weekend. it was so busy and fun that i didn't manage to take one single picture. bad mama mark against me. our friends ashley, kyle and molly joined us and it was great having such good friends down there. emily and I taught VBS last week and 4 of the 7 original church playgroup kids were in our class. i get so sentimental every time i see them all together. I can remember each so well as a baby and watching them grow up is amazing. i was also shocked how GOOD milam was. i thought he would cling to me and be wierd but he was an angel and really enjoyed being there. i have always had a hunch that he thrives in that type of environment, but seeing it made me know it's true. he will greatly benefit from 5 days of school next year. i have also been busy with some serious post-pardem maintenence - highlights, following up with the urologist about the dreaded kidney stones, cavities filled (i will not even mention how many...let's just say as the daughter of a dentist i am very ashamed), trying to get the wardrobe updated, starting to work out again, etc. etc. the wardrobe update has been almost as painful as the secret number of fillings. i refuse to buy any more bottoms in the wrong size unless they are CHEAP! this has put me into several stores/departments that i don't usually frequent. you know you're in the wrong place when the salesgirls ask if you have your advance tickets to twilight yet. happy breezed through town and Brian and I finally got out for a much needed dinner date. i miss my husband!

Dentist appt with Carrie (my oldest friend). He did amazing and she was so good and sweet with him.

Last day of swimming with coach chris

This ones in heaven...pool, paci and dump truck!

Until crazy brother comes along!

Testing out their new picnic table

Look who's big enough for the Bumbo! He loves watching his brothers from here.