Motor Mouth

Milam has said some funny stuff lately that I wanted to write down. He always wants the windows down in the car and my rule is 'Not on the Highway'. We were heading to the other side of the world (Grapevine) to visit Melissa's twins and he wanted the window down. When I told him 'No, becuase we are on the highway' he got really upset and said 'No Mommy, we are not on the highway we're on the low-way'. He thought the highway was a bridge or overpass I guess.

The other morning Brian was heading out the door for work and Milam enthusiastically shouted "Don't forget your work purse Dada". He meant his breifcase of course.

We were attending George's Greek baptism last weekend. They do a very symbolic, long, and really special service. Milam did great but started getting a little chatty at the end. After they dunked George into a tub of water three times he was fussing a little and Milam said "mom, why is George crying?" After I answered him he said "I think maybe he's crying because his booty hurts". If you know Milam, he only has one volume so this really have me the giggles.

We were in Target and a large man was passing us. Milam wanted to know what his name was. When I said I didn't know he shouted, "I think his name is BAD GUY!!!"

And this is one of those things that just makes you stop to really appreciate your child. He was jabbering his head off to a stranger in the store and when we turned to leave she said to me "There is something really special about him". Of course all children are special but it was a nice compliment.

Popcicle/Allergy Face


Peter's One Month Stats

Looks like Peter is following in his brother's footsteps....big boy. He weighed 10.8 pounds (75th %) and was 23" long (90th%). It seems that babies/kids sense when you are one hair shy of losing it, and then they tend to shape up. I was there with Peter's sleep. The pediatrician coached me through a few things (letting him cry) and that afternoon Peter put himself to sleep for the first time. Yay Peter! And last night he had a 4 hour stretch. Woo hooo. I'm not ready to really let him cry, but am letting him fuss a little more than I was. I think he might be one of those kids that just needs to fuss a little before falling asleep. Brian left us for an overnight trip and we survived. It really wasn't bad. A little chaotic at bedtime but everyone was fine. The only catastrophe was that I couldn't find Samuel's pillow and he wasn't about to go to sleep without it. Luckily Milam's worked. The next morning I asked Milam if he knew where Samuel's pillow was and he went right to it. He has started hiding it...so mean!


Easter and THREE weeks!

Time is flying...I wish it would slow down. Did I mention I'm having a hard time with Peter being my last baby? He is three weeks now and had his first bottle. It was heavenly to string together 5 hours of sleep, but I'm not ready for all the firsts just yet. His latest is that he, like all the other boys around here, seems to have ridiculous amounts of gas. He will wake up screaming and then start tooting...so sad. I can tell it hurts him. He will scrunch that little body up so tight and grunt and cry. I hate this and feel helpless. Already cut out dairy from my diet but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. The other boys were the exact same and eventually grew out of it. He wants to be held a lot and can't seem to fall asleep otherwise. This gets tricky. He will be sooooo tired and when I think he's asleep enough to set down, he will wake up shrieking as soon as his head hits a surface other than a warm body. Stinker. If I put him in a swing, bouncy chair, etc. all swaddled up he will stay in there wide awake until he's overtired. Despite the fact that he's making me a zombie, he's such a sweet little guy.

Samuel had a high fever the weekend after I talked about what a hard time he was having. Turns out he had an ear infection...poor thing. He's back to his old sweet self but turning into quite the two year old. NO is his favorite word and he uses it veeeeery often. Despite this, I am still convinced he's going to be my easy child and I just love him for that. Everyone needs a Samuel. He will sit in his high chair so content for 45 minutes sometimes. I start to feel guilty leaving him in there but when I try to get him out he says, "No, No, No...". He'll also let me leave him in the mornings without a complaint until his brothers are situated.

Since I've already discussed bodily functions, might as well mention that Milam's potty training is really starting to make me wonder (and stress a little). He's fully trained with #1, so wears underwear all day. He wears a pull up is when I put him down to rest and at night. This is ALWAYS when he #2's. He'll even tell you he's going to do it before you leave the room. He'll sit on the potty and try to poop, but hasn't ever done it. I've tried lots of bribes...even his very own jeep that he can drive (to which he responded that he'll just borrow yates's jeep)...giving him the option to go outside...putting the little potty in his room in case he needs privacy...bought and read potty books, etc, etc. Nothing is working. He tells me he can't poo poo on the potty because he doesn't know how. I'm trying not to stress about it but I'm really ready for him to do this. REALLY ready. Changing three boys poopy diapers is too much.

We had a low key Easter weekend and I'm so thankful that some of our best friends joined us for an egg hunt. Otherwise I would have been moping around that we weren't at the lake. We really missed our families, but had a fun weekend. After the egg hunt at our house, the stars aligned and we made it out for the first time as a family of 5 to a client egg hunt. It made me laugh when I talked to my dad and he asked if we had a good meal...we had PBJ's for our Easter meal. Oh well. Hopefully next year Happy can cook for us!

My handsome Olson boys

Peter always has his tongue out like a puppy dog

Here's my happy boy back

Feel like I'll never get a shot of the three of them that's any better than this :(

Samuel had no interest at all in hunting eggs, but sure liked the candy

LONG way to go, but am starting to somewhat resemble my former self