Peter's First Week

I asked the best photgrapher and sweetest friend to do the impossible...pics of all three boys. Going into it knowing how hard it would be, I had no expectations. However, if anyone can do it...Kelly can. Here is her link: http://www.lala-photography.com/blog/

Even though we weren't too successful getting all the boys and the weather was a little dark...the pics are wonderful to me. I'm starting to think kelly might be a wee bit of a perfectionist (in a good way) and she came back to do more of Peter. The new pics aren't on her blog yet so check back later.

This first week of Peter's life has kinda flown by. I'm not ready for the blissful sleepy newborn stage to be gone. I have lots more snuggles to get in and am already having a hard time knowing this is the last baby....sniff sniff. Peter and Milam are doing really great, but poor Samuel is just having the hardest time. I don't really think it's the new baby as much as being overwhelmed by people in and out and just being out of sorts. I hate to even say that because we are sooooo blessed to have family still willing to help with baby number three and so many friends that care about us and want to meet little Peter. Every time someone walks through the door he just kinda loses it and starts screaming and crying and trying to crawl up my neck. I feel so, so sorry for him.


Peter William Olson

My new love has arrived and I am once again head over heels for an Olson boy. How lucky am I to have 4 of them!?! We went in bright and early Friday morning for our induction and things got off to a slow start from the beginning. Even though we were there at 6:00 am, they did nothing except change me into a gown until about 8:30. Then they started getting things rolling. I asked for my epidural nice and early thinking things would move along as quickly as the last two. Wrong. This baby was hanging out high, and wasn't ready to move down. I progressed and then got stuck at 4 cm dilation for hours. Apparently the baby's head has to push down in order for you to fully dilate. Contractions alone can't do it. The nurse started mentally preparing me for a c-section around 3:00 and I was devastated. She said there had to be a reason he wasn't coming down and her guess was that he was too big to make it through the birth canal. What!?! I'm thinking how in the world could he be bigger than Samuel and he made it just fine. The doctor came around 5, and things were still the same. Bless Dr. Martin...I love her. She still didn't think he was that big and wasn't ready to give up. She said he could be in a weird position and had them start placing me into different positions to see if we could get him re-positioned. The next time they checked I was progressing again...whew. I was seriously relieved...C-Sections scare me big time. After all that waiting, things went quick and smooth after that turning point and I had my sweet baby in my arms in no time (7:13 to be exact). He is perfect. 8.2 pounds which seems so tiny to us. At first he resembled Milam, but now not as much. His features seem more delicate and Matthews-like. I don't think he'll be as laid back as Samuel, but is that even possible? Who ever heard of a baby that would sleep through bath, diaper changes, etc. Peter has the squeakiest cry I've ever heard and definitely doesn't like to be messed with. Our first few nights have been sweet....but trouble. He has a very hard time staying asleep if someone is not holding him, so I've been sleeping with him in my arms. I'm enjoying it for now and not thinking about the lack of sleep yet. We adore him and are slowly adjusting. My mom has been here helping, and Brian's mom took Milam for a few days so reality hasn't sunk in yet.

My last pregnancy photo!

Best feeling in the world...baby healthy and safe in my arms

Family of 5!

Milam was being very sweet...praying it sticks.

Sweet little Peter

Tuckered out after coming home. Wearing the outfit dada came home in too.