good things

I know how important it is to stop and smell the roses. For the most part, I do. Lately though, I have been feeling the stress of this pregnancy while raising my other two babies (inevitable with 4 weeks to go). Samuel is going through a really clingy phase. It's sweet...but hard. He wants mama all the time and cries if I walk away. Milam went through this too...I know it's just a stage. And Milam is forever challenging me. He has decided recently that he needs to be carried around everywhere (which I can't and don't do...which results in huge fits all day long). I also hear "hold me, carry me, snuggle me" about a million times a day. If there was nothing else to do like the two loads of laundry a day, dishes, bills to pay, other baby to take care of, etc....I wouldn't mind sitting on the couch to snuggle him all day. Needless to say, it's just not practical. I needed to stop for a few minutes this morning and think about some of my "good things"....a la Martha Stewart style.

1. slobbery baby kisses
2. an unsolicited "mama, I love you"
3. a fountain diet coke early in the morning
4. fresh flowers...especially peonies, hydrangeas, or when brought home by hubby
5. hubby unexpectedly coming home from work early
6. feeling the kicks of a new life inside of me
7. sleeping through the night...bonus if it's two in a row
8. catching up, hanging out, visiting with friends
9. a fresh manicure and pedicure
10. watching my babies grow up every day and knowing that i'm not missing a thing

We had a very low-key weekend, and actually went out to eat with the kids twice! This is not something we do often because they don't usually do very well. This weekend though, they were great (thanks to an iPhone game to entertain Milam) and seemed happy to get out of the house. I made my final Costco run...I keep saying that and keep going back for more. Love that place, but everything is so heavy! Brian started bulding his workbench and Milam, the little worker man, was glued to his side the entire time.

My once-a-week doctor appointments started yesterday. We had a sonogram to see how big baby P is looking. He was so cute in there. Sunny side up so we got a full face shot. Looks like some chubby cheeks to me, but he's not measuring that big...only a week. So...unless he decides to debut early Dr. Martin will kick him out at 39 weeks. March 19. He has hair (we thought for sure this one would be bald), and seemed like a big mouth and Olson nose. Just a few more weeks and we'll know for sure. I am so excited for him to be here!!!

He loves finding his belly button!

Playing Peek-a-boo after nap


Winter Weekend

All that snow made for a long and fun weekend with Brian home. I don't think he trusted me to drive in it on Thursday, so he offered to take and pick Milam up from school. Good thing, because by the time 2:00 rolled around we had been without power for a while and it was getting really cold. He built us a fire, and we got power back around 5 or 6. Samuel's new favorite word is "hot"! Both boys had fun in the snow, but Samuel didn't have much patience for it. I was dying laughing at the grabham's 1980's snow suits and little did I know Brian had some stashed in our garage that the neighbors had given us. They were the perfect sizes, and worked really well. Samuel had a hard time walking in his and kept falling down at first...poor baby :( I have to admit this weather is making me VERY ready for Spring!! A day without playing outside is torture with my kids. They act like wild caged animals when we're inside all day. Not sure how people do this all winter long.

Live entertainment is one of my loves...ballet, opera, plays, musicals. You name it. If it's live...I love it. I've dragged poor Brian to more shows...despite him falling asleep on me at the symphony. SO...I have been dying to take Milam to the Dallas Children's Theatre. They say age 4 is appropriate for most of the shows, but are playing 'How I Became a Pirate'. I couldn't resist since Milam loves pirates. He did so good...I was shocked. I went in with no expectations and he really liked it. At intermission I was sure he would think it was over and want to leave, but we had a snack and he was ready for more. Yippeeeee. Maybe my Christmas Nutcracker tradition won't have to end with a house full of boys. Hmmm...I probably shouldn't press my luck.


thank you god

A while back we started saying a prayer before bed and it is the cutest, sweetest thing in the world. Usually, I'll start by saying what I was thankful for during the day....be it swim lessons, daddy having a safe flight, Samuel feeling better, etc. Milam quicky takes over and thanks god for every single friend, relative and pet he has. Tonight "Aunt Ashley in San Antonio" got a special shout out. This is so hysterical...of all the fun things we did today he started his prayer by thanking god for "being able to play outside and scoop poop out of his...litter box...I mean dirt pile". Oh yes, the kitties have buried some treasures in there that milam uncovered today. yuck, yuck, yuck. Maybe the dirt pile needs a tarp because getting rid of it is absolutely out of the question. It's the most used, favorite "toy" we've ever purchased.

EVERY day I am so thankful for these boys. I love them more than words. We woke up to lots of snow this morning so I was also very thankful that Brian bundled them up to play outside for a bit. I didn't have it in me at 7:30 am and Milam was begging to go play before school.



Does it ever stop? I guess since I've pretty much been pregnant for the past four years if feels like it doesn't. We had such a quiet, peaceful and productive weekend without the boys. We worked on what will eventually be Milam and Samuel's room and the baby room/guest room. I didn't want to give up my guest room (sorry Peter), so the plan is to leave Samuel in the nursery, Milam in his big boy room, and Peter in the guest room. We added another twin bed to Milam's room, so whenever Samuel is ready he will move in there and Peter will move into the nursery. I decided that having three boys so close in age makes it pointless to even try putting clothes into storage bins. I cleared out a whole closet and got them hung and organized by size. It is embarrassing and riduculous how much is in there....and it doesn't even include all the stuff that I monogrammed (which is a LOT). Baby clothes are my weakness. Peter has six or seven weeks to go, but today had me thinking about Katy and Nicole who had their babies 4 and 3 weeks early. I don't wish this...I want Peter to cook all the way, but if it did happen that's only 2-3 weeks away. Holy crap.

Getting a manicure on Saturday was high priority, but the lady that did it was crazy and ruined it for me!!! She couldn't stop saying how unlucky I was to get three boys and that she was sooooo much luckier b/c her third was a girl.....blah, blah, blah. It made me want to cry. I know people might feel that way, but I really don't. If God gives me three healthy boys I can't think of one thing unlucky/sad/or disappointing about it. She also said at LEAST four times how tired I looked. This made me want to cry again because I was the most well-rested I've been in a long time. I slept until 8:00!! Note to self...never leave the house without concealer under my eyes again. On Sunday, I put on my concealer and met Stephanie and Marc for Sunday brunch at The Grape (voted #1 burger in Texas Monthly). It did not disappoint and I always love spending time with them. Afterwards, Brian and I went the the Dallas Art Fair and drooled over some fabulous art. We were on the same path as Laura Bush for a while and she is so cute and tiny in person. Fun seeing her!


Walking, Swimming & 33 Weeks

I don't think I posted that Samuel is an official walker now!! Whooohoooo. He started doing it around the first week of January and then started cutting about 7 teeth at the same time. That made him a little grumpy and impatient...not really wanting to test it out much. Then about two weeks ago he just took off. He's thrilled, and so am I, but man I already miss the cute crawling stage. He is still the sweetest little angel...loves to snuggle and give kisses, but is also starting to let his opinions be known. He gets very frustrated when Milam takes everything away from him and is an absolute different child on school days. I cherish that time with him so much. He's also decided it's kinda fun to wrestle with the wild man...until is gets too rough...which it always does...very quickly. We can't get it through Milam's thick head that he HAS to be more gentle to play with Samuel. He just can't restrain himself.

Milam started swim lessons at Mockingbird Swim & Fitness and I have been very impressed with them. We did Emler when he was a baby and it was too much for him. He got overwhelmed and cried the whole time, so we stopped. I didn't want him trying to decide he didn't like the water. This place is much more low key...only 3 kids in his class and he loves it. He even lets them walk him around the pool while he's floating on his back. He would never let me do any such thing! They have "camps" every day from 9-12 where you can pay $35 and drop your kid off. This might be a great entertainment option when Peter gets here. They have all this kid exercise equipment and Milam loooooves it. He goes to town on the treadmill and elliptical trainer. So funny.

Peter had his 33 week checkup today and is measuring about a week ahead. Big, but not huge like Samuel always was. At my next visit we'll start doing sonograms every week I think to monitor his growth. The only shocker of the appointment was that I had lost some weight. I guess things are still off from being so sick, because my appetite sure is back in full force.

In the morning the boys are off to spend the weekend in the hill country. Samuel with Happy and Milam with Nana. I will miss them, but can't even explain how excited I am to have a couple of days in our house with no kids. I don't think we've had even a day since Milam was born. We have left them plenty of times, but it's been for a vacation or when we were at the lake. We probably won't even know what to do with ourselves...except eat out a LOT!