Teacher Conference

I had my very first parent/teacher conference with Milam's teachers. This one was standard, but I anticipate lots of them in the future...HA! They didn't offer any new information about Milam, but sometimes it's good to hear someone else's opinion and feedback. I love his teachers. They are very grandmotherly and always willing to offer advice...when you want it. Both raised boys, and I value their opinions as experienced teachers and moms. That being said, I do believe as a mom, you know your child better than anyone. And they act different for you than they do for teachers, in public, etc. Here's a little summary of things they had to say about my wild man:

*has a huge love for life
*has a way of drawing people in
*ring leader
*verbally advanced
*wants to control everything/everyone
*tons of potential if channeled the right way

Another exciting update is that Milam has decided he likes gymnastics!! Brian took him the week I was in the hospital and he did great and then I got to see it with my own eyes this week. It is such a relief for me to see him going with the flow like all the other kids.

The beautiful school pic!


ohmygoodness....what day is it?

Today was my first day up and running after yet another trip to the hospital with kidney stones. Same story. Pain that started off tolerable, and then was full blown with me puking and about to pass out by the time I was checked into Labor and Delivery. This time, the pain was also causing some serious contractions. Super scary, but once the meds kicked in they subsided. Another twist was that I was attached to a self paced morphine drip. I was so worried I was going to overdose myself, even after the nurses said it wouldn't do that. I went to the hospital on Sunday, came home Wednesday, and was pretty much knocked out on meds the entire week. I finally passed a big stone Sunday....an entire agonizing week later. Not sure if these are new stones, or if I'm just now passing the ones I grew in December. OR if the one passed was 1 of 3 (they saw three on a sonogram in December). For now, I'm just rejoicing in being pain free and hoping I'm all done with that. They won't x-ray to see what's going on until after Peter is born so I really hope that I can give him some TLC the next 2 months. I very much look forward to having him safely in my arms. My mom came to the rescue on Thursday and I am so, so, so thankful because Samuel woke up Friday as pitiful as he's ever been. He couldn't breath and was just not right. Anytime my babies are coughing or having a hard time breathing it freaks me out because of Milam's history with croup. Sure enough, Samuel had croup (not to mention an ear infection). His doctor said if I hadn't brought him in, we would have most likely ended up in the ER that night. Whew...crisis diverted. Thank heavens for whatever steroid they use to get them breathing better. At any rate, we are all feeling better and Happy gets to go home and tend to her own life in the morning. It felt soooooo good to get out of the house today. We had ice cream with our friend's Molly and Ashley. Molly & Milam had a blast. So much fun in fact that I had to leave Milam in the car having a huge fit that we had to come home for 30 minutes. I calmly told him when he was ready to be nice I would come get him out. Every 5-10 minutes I would go out and ask if he was ready to be nice and he would shout "NOOOOOOOOOO". Stinker.


Gymnastics Round 2

I have already failed miserably on one of my resolutions: to take more pictures...including a few with me and Brian in them. I feel like my kids won't even know what I looked like as such a dazzling young mom (HA) because I'm never in a picture. Tomorrow is a new day. Today, we did get to take some pictures of our dear friend Meredith who is due with baby Rex any day. I swear I look more preggo than her. Hope I got a few decent shots for her baby book (kelly, don't judge me). Our hubbies grew up together and it is super sweet to now see their boys together. Between the two of them they will have 5 boys. Not bad. Here's a shot of her with sweet Yates:

We also had our first gymnastics class today. I was nervous after basically being kicked out of the 'Mommy & Me' when Milam was younger. Back then, he was so beserk and excited he could not be contained at all much less waiting his turn, etc. This time it was the exact opposite. He stood frozen in place and refused to participate one iota. He was upset that I wasn't there with him in class. It was very strange to me. When they would try to get him to do something he would say "I can't" or "I don't know how". Very unlike my social man. It made me sad, but we're gonna stick it out. We talked about how it was a little scary the first time, but next time he'll know just what to do. And we practiced everything they did at home tonight. Not sure me doing the tabletop (also known as the crab crawl) OR butterfly was the best idea as far as Peter is concerned but I was determined....


15 month stats - Samuel

After a day (Brian) and night (me) of stomach bugs I decided to go on to samuel's dr appt this morning. what's a few more germs in that place right? He was having so much fun playing with the toys and visiting with dr moore that it broke my heart to hand him over for shots. poor baby. he was devastated and whimpered for about 5 minutes afterward :( unlike milam's stats, I was not surprised at all to find out Samuel is in the greater than 95th percentile for height, weight and head. my buddha baby. he weighs 33 pounds and is 33.5 inches tall. dr moore said he's not concerned about his weight as of now since he's big "all around" and always has been. our nanny, ashley, started today so at least i'll have some help hauling him around during my last trimester.


Mexico Vacation & First Steps

Our trip to Isla Mujeres was wonderful!!! The boys were awesome little travelers. Most of the time Samuel would doze off peacefully when he needed some rest on the go. Milam would never do that. With him it was always major, major meltdown before he would fall asleep. We had no delays, and no problems at all with the flights/airport pickup/ferry boat. That's pretty amazing these days. Both boys loved the sand, water and playing with their cousins! Getting them to bed in one hotel room proved a little tricky but thank goodness Happy & Grumpy were willing to have Milam as their roomate a few nights. I just have to say how much I appreciate Brian. It was a LOT of work and he did all the heavy lifting without a single complaint. He is such a great dad...he even rocked Samuel to sleep in his arms a few times. Sooo sweet. I love that we have this tradition of going to Mexico at Christmas and so many fond memories of the island. Thanks mom and dad for such a wonderful gift.

Apparently all Samuel needed to motivate him to walk was a pool to practice in and cushion his falls. Our hotel had a pool with a very shallow part perfect for babies. Samuel practiced standing up so much and got the hang of it. He was really proud of himself and was doing it on land soon after. And then he took some first steps. Yipeee!! Now all he wants to do (in his own words) is "go, go, go"! Here's a quick video Brian got while I was getting Wild Man to sleep.