Sick to my stomach haircuts

I was trying to be super efficient today and it backfired. I noticed a barber shop right next door to where we were having lunch. Convenient, right? The boys were all awake, happy, dressed...thought I would knock it out while we were out. They BUTCHERED my babies hair. My eyes were stinging from holding back tears. They don't look like the same children and I've been sick over it all weekend. I know this is minor. Hair grows back. But the holidays (and Milam's birthday) are around the corner and all I can think is that my boys are gonna have full blown big boy cuts in every. single. picture. reminding me how much I HATE these cuts. Lesson learned. Don't mess with a good thing. I will never, ever, evvvvvvveeeeer stray from the stride rite hair salon again. I can't even bring myself to post a picture.


And he's off....

Peter is crawling!! He seems way too little to be doing it, but couldn't be more pleased with himself. He started about 2 weeks ago and about two days after he started he was already pulling up. Onto the next thing. I think he might be an early walker, but I hope not. He's now added the one-stiff-leg crawl and the downward dog to his repertoire...trying to get up like his brothers I guess. They never did any such thing. I hadn't seen my sister since the summer (a record) and was missing them like crazy, so took off to San Antonio Halloween weekend. A few days spoiling Peter was wonderful, even though he was sick and sleeping terribly. His cousins adore him, and were wondering when I would be having my next baby ;)

I'm challenged when it comes to video. This one is sideways and should be listened to in mute. My baby talk is like fingernails on the chalkboard.


Happy Halloween

The brave cowboy, indian, and last baby pumpkin (whaaaaa) had a great Halloween!! Think the sugar high is just wearing off even though Milam had no problem handing out his entire stash of candy to the few trick-or-treaters that came to our house.



Milam got to skip school today to meet some friends at the arboretum. I have never been a huge fan of this place as it's always crowded, milam wants to know where the playground is as soon as we enter (there's not one!), and they are always cranky/fussy by the time we park and hike all the way to the kid area. But today they actually had fun!

i mean....samuel's belly! that 4T shirt won't even cover it.

Someone actually came and yelled at Milam for being in here...while I'm over there sneaking a picture. Maybe I was out of line, but really didn't see what the big deal was. He wasn't hurting anyone or himself or that corn cob thing. Whatever. He was crushed when they fussed at him. I have enough to yell at him over besides that. This has been a common theme for us lately. He got yelled at by someone else's mom at the chick-fil-a play area for being too loud the other day. Excuse me? So kids aren't allowed to be loud now in a KID play area?


walk in the park

Something touched me today. This I read by someone who lost a baby daughter about her son....'The tiny things that used to drive me crazy are no longer so annoying. I am just so happy he is here'. Annoyed really sums up my state of mind lately. I'm annoyed that I'm covered in spit up within minutes of a shower. I'm annoyed that the dog starts stalking me at 3 for her dinner. I'm annoyed that the boys insist on cutting my new flowers with their scissors no matter how many times I ask them not to. I'm annoyed that they can't get along. I'm annoyed that they won't eat their vegetables. I'm annoyed that Peter won't sleep through the night. I'm annoyed that I am exhausted by 8:30 pm. I've just been a very grumpy mom lately in need of an attitude adjustment. Reading about the loss of a child shaped me right up. I looked at Brian over the weekend and laughed saying, "what in the world did we do with ourselves before kids"? His resonse was "life was just a walk in the park". I still think our life is a walk in the park... even if I'm walking with dirty hair, spit up on my clothes, dark circles under my eyes, three babies in tow (one of them screaming and crying no doubt), and we aren't really getting anywhere. I'm just so happy my boys are walking with me.

The little boys played in the leaves while Milam was at school today


Peter - 6 month & Samuel - 2 year

Peter is SIX months old...I've been having some slight freak out's about him growing up. I can hardly stand it. What am I gonna do without a baby to hold? His pediatrician said I should not be getting up with him in the night anymore, but I can't help it. I acually enjoy the late night snuggle. Some nights he goes from 7 pm to 6 am, but most of the time he'll wake up around 10 or 11 for one last snack. Gotta have calories to maintain those thighs! He's turned into the happiest little thing. He has this tiny giggle he does under his breath (for no apparent reason) all the time. Love it. I can't get enough of him. He's sitting up great and already getting on all fours and rocking back and forth like crazy. This boy has places to be...he's busy! Have a feeling he'll be trying to keep up with his brothers in no time. He is 21 pounds (90%) and 27 1/2 inches long (83%). Staying true to the Olson tradition of huge babies.

Speaking of huge...onto sweet Samuel. The first two years of Samuel can be summed up in two words - easy and sweet! He is still very much both, but I can see the two year old business creeping in. He knows what he wants now and how to say it. He tells Milam (A LOT)...NO pushing me, NO hitting me. Two of his other most loved phrases now are "want to" (meaning 'I don't want to') and "hold you" (meaning 'hold me'). Sometimes I feel sorry for Samuel, because I think it must be very hard being a middle child. You've got things coming at you from both directions. A big brother bullying you and a little one pestering you. Most of the time he takes it all in stride and is so patient and laid back. My prediction is that he will be the peace maker between the brothers. The boy loooooves to eat. I have been tempted to hide in my pantry for a meal because he will relentlessly hound you and eat no less than half of whatever you've prepared for yourself. As easy as he his, handling him is not. He weighs 42 pounds (greater than 95%) and is 39 inches long (greater than 95%). His pediatrician says he is bigger than the average 3 year old. But he has the coordination of a one year old it seems. So clumsy and still requires a lot of help and handling. He makes up for it in sweetness...


Chugga Chugga Choo Choo...

Sweet Samuel had a big weekend celebrating his second birthday with a train party. He loooooves trains and was in heaven. He walked around all day saying "Choo Choo". The kids zipped around the backyard in a train pulled by 4 wheeler and they would turn around and wave at each other and at the parents when they drove by. This made me laugh...they waved like they hadn't seen us in ages. It was a perfect day for my almost 2 year old. Something must be wrong with me because I also had lots of fun party planning. Ashley, my nanny, is a wonderful baker and helped me do my first birthday cake. Here's some pics of Samuel's big day.


Back to School, etc...

The big boys started school a few weeks ago and it's going great. The first week, everyone was sick AGAIN but they were fine in a couple of days. Samuel is having a hard time at drop off but I'm pretty sure it's just because everyone else is crying. They immediately stick the paci in his mouth so we've regressed a little on that. As soon as he's used to school we'll crack down again. Milam goes every day and the routine has been good....I was ready for it. When I pick him up, he's always sitting down calmly doing something he wouldn't be caught dead doing at home....a puzzle? He would never, ever sit still and do one for me. And ready or not, my life as a soccer mom has officially begun. I did the first practice solo with all three in tow and it was hysterical. I was actually impressed that these little kids can kick the ball so hard. Samuel does Little Gym Thursday while Milam is at school and he has the biggest grin on his face the entire time. I don't know if it's little gym he's so in love with or having my undivided attention for an hour. Either way, it's adorable. And Peter is at that age now where I would give anything to freeze time for a year (or two). He's sitting up, smiling and cooing constantly, super snugly, sleeping pretty well...heaven. We laugh how different life for the third must be. So much stimulation around him at all times, but he loves it.

1st day of school. Poor Samuel...not a happy camper

Pillow makes everything a little better

Milam's 1st soccer game...daddy didn't get a very good pic.

Peter's 1st bath with brothers...we need a bigger bathtub!

Playing rain with Peter

Sweet baby

Samuel getting geared up for his birthday party!


Peter's Baptism

It was a special weekend for us as we celebrated Peter's baptism with family. All the boys were perfect, and it was a joyful day. We met Kelly before church for some pictures. I had no expectations at ALL and even told her to just get some of Peter. But guess what? The big boys were thrilled to see her and did everything she asked of them :0 I had to laugh that Peter had on one shoe in the pictures and they weren't even his baptism shoes...they were Samuel's. Third baby? If that's the only issue....I consider it super successful. My sister was heading up here with the shoes she bought for Peter and right before loading the car, Caroline broke her arm. So...the shoes were sent with my mom who was arriving just in time for church to start. I opened up Samuel's baptism shadowbox and borrowed his for pictures and we lost one before we even got started. The service was great and when Mark (our preacher) asked what we were going to call Peter, Milam gave an enthusiastic BABY Peter. It was very sweet. Of course Mark had to throw in a "you have three boys?!? God bless you" at the end. I did feel a little like we were the three ring circus at the altar, and that we were a little distracting for the other families, but that's how we roll now I guess. Someone found the missing shoe, so everyone has their proper shoes as momento of such a special day. Kelly's pictures took my breath away. She's nothing short of amazing. Here's the link:



My Husband Chip & A Broken Heart

Two things I had to write down. First, Milam has not an imaginary friend...oh no...he has an imaginary husband named Chip. But Chip is a girl. This CRACKS me up all day long. He tells stories about Chip, talks about Chip's dog (named Fuzzy Wuzzy). Sometimes he gets a new husband because Chip died....heee heee. So funny. And Second, this was our driving convo the other day:

Mama: Milam, I love you (I'm ridiculous!)

Milam: *Blank stare....no comment* (at least there was no eye rolling)

Mama: Milam, you don't love me too? (ok....REALLY ridiculous)

Milam: Yes, I do love you.

Mama: OK. good. If you didn't it would break my heart (maybe even a little psycho)

Milam: Mama, would God up in Heaven have some tape to fix your heart if it broke?

Mama: Hmmm...maybe. But I'm not ready to go to Heaven yet.

Milam: Why not?

Mama: Well...I would rather stay here and be your Mama.

And then he drama king was balling crying this morning that Samuel broke his heart after Samuel hit him. Ha!


Tough Love

Since we got home from the lake, we've been working on a few issues and I'm happy to report some SUCCESS! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Peter moved into his crib and has had some really good nights. Not making it all the way through, but getting some 4 and 5 hour stretches has made a world of difference...I'll take it! I wake up feeling rested...and I haven't felt remotely rested in MONTHS! He's also starting to take some good naps instead of 30 minute cat naps all day long. Hallelujah.

Samuel starting putting his paci "night night" in the crib when he wakes up and that has been an easier transition than I imagined. Sometimes he fights it, and sometimes he cries for it during the day but he's doing good. Without that thing in his mouth all day, he's really talking up a storm. Repeats everything Milam says and can communicate almost everything he wants now. His frustration level is down a ton...and I think he's finally feeling better too.

And this is the best new of all....Milam #2'd on the potty! I took pull-ups away (even at night...so I'm washing sheets every day) and he did it for Ashley while I was gone...no big deal. That's so Milam. He would fight me on it forever. He held me to every bargain I ever made with him...so off we went to Toys R' Us for his jeep. Look OUT!!

I get a Gerber baby comment every time I'm out with Peter.
My baby:

Gerber Baby:

Samuel was just as excited as Milam!


The Endless Summer (of sick)...

I can hardly stand that our three weeks at the lake are over. It was wonderful to be there, as always. There is just something about not having to get the kids dressed or in the car all day long that suits me just fine. The less I have to move the better. However, with three boys on my hands movement (of any and all kinds) seems to be the name of the game! We spent the days taking golf cart rides to Happy's house, the neighbor's beach, to feed the catfish, to watch the deer, to the other neighbor's swingset, and to Happy's dock. Milam swam his heart out and I really love that he's turning into a "lake rat" just like his mama used to be. His favorite swimming hole was the neighbors beach where he could "glide" (this is the term he came up with for swimming with his head underwater). He was in heaven when cousin Greg took him on the jet ski...the faster the better of course! And he could have tubed all day long. I rode it with him the first time, not becuse he needed me, but because he didn't weigh enough to keep it from going under upon takeoff. But he did hold my hand the whole ride which melted me. Samuel, on the other hand, needs another summer to get used to things. He wasn't sure about it all. As great as it was, the boys were sick almost the entire trip and keeping them happy was hard work. I don't even know what all they had...bronchitis (I got this too), croup, butt fungus, ear infections. SO annoying. Poor little baby Peter was up two nights in a row for two hours screaming his head off. I knew something was not right and should have come home to take him to the dr. I feel like a terrible mom for not trusting that instinct. No telling how long that ear has been hurting him and no wonder he couldn't sleep. Hopefully we're on the mend and can enjoy what's left of the summer....

I only got my camera out ONE day, and didn't get any good lake pics...what is wrong with me!?!

This is how Peter spent almost all of his naps at the lake...thank heavens for Happy!!

My monkey loves his bath now!!


Stinker, Stinkier and the Stinkiest!

How do I even begin? These boys. I'll start with Stinker (Peter)...the child will not sleep. He without fail, every night, wakes up 20-30 minutes after I get him down and then consistently on the hour all night long. He can't soothe himself whatsoever so there's lots paci plugging and patting involved to get him back to sleep. all. night. long. It's for sure time to let him cry and learn how to soothe himself, but I'm having trouble getting in the mindset with a 3 week vacation ahead of us. Maybe I should tackle it on vacation while I have lots of help? I'm running on no sleep which might be OK if Stinkier and the Stinkiest weren't involved. Moving on to even Stinkier (Samuel). He's very much turning into a two year old....whining, whining, whining. I've heard about this phase but was lucky enough to skip it with Milam because he could communicate so well at a very young age. Samuel knows what he wants, but I sometimes can't understand him and he gets really frustrated. He's also going through another clingy phase....follows me around like a little duckling and I hear "hold me, hold me, hold me" a TON. Almost any new situation sends him into a tailspin. It takes at least 30 minutes of crying before he can cope and then needs to be holding my hand or have me within reach to function. Then there's the Stinkiest (Milam) who has been indescribably out of control. I really feel like his behavior is truly spinning out of control. I can't even put it into words. There's a combination of strong will, bossy, intense, extreme and highly active that has me at a loss. His behavior alone would almost send me over the edge but dealing with all three stinkers is too much. I almost cancelled vacation plans so that I could concentrate 100% on getting everyone into shape. After talking to my mom, I decided a change of scenery might be a good thing and then when we get home vacation is OVER. I've decided Milam's extremeness is going to call for some extreme parenting/discipline (desperate times, desperate measures right?). I have three weeks gear up to be drill sergeant mama!

Craziness aside, the boys are growing and changing so fast. Peter (update later) had is 4 month checkup and is perfectly healthy and has been described by several people as a Gerber baby. He's a doll. He is officially a hip baby and loves to be carried and watch all the commotion around him. He still startles easily at loud noises (aka MILAM)...you would think he would be used to it, but that lip quickly turns upside down followed by whimpering. Samuel is getting more and more coordinated and has finally starting running. It's hilarious. I've gotta get it on video. He is so proud of himself but takes the tiniest steps ever while every inch of his chubby little self shakes. He's been trying to tee tee on the potty like the big kids (my sister was here with her girls for a week) but hasn't actually done the deed yet. Milam has truly turned into a fish just in the past week. He's full blown swimming without his life jacket. He swims so much that I'm worried the chlorine is going to eat away his skin. He discovered his super hero outfit that Nana got him for Christmas and would only be addressed as "super hero" this morning. Funny. He headed to the lake this morning (with my sister) in cowboy boots and his superhero cape. Guess she's getting a small dose of life with little boys....


4th Pics

Here are some of my favorite pics from the 4th. Peter got lots of snuggles and the "big kids" were in heaven.

My sweet boys

Kisses from Cousin Isabel

Posing in front of happy's amazing window!

Snuggles from Aunt Carie

Hangin with Happy at her dock


July 4th weekend

I don't know how we got to the lake in one car packed with: cooler, big black dog, 3 babies, baby swing (yes...we still can't leave home without it), groceries, bags, & golf clubs. But we did, and had a pretty uneventful ride. The weekend was wonderful and the weather wasn't even bad as was predicted. It was actually perfect. Hot enough to get in the lake and enjoy a float, but cool enough to sit in the yard with an almost 4 month old. Peter handled all the new faces much better this time. He had a serious case of stranger danger last time and it broke my heart. That bottom lip curl gets me every time. Milam and his cousins played soooo well together unsupervised. They are learning to work their tiffs out on their own....so nice. We even got to take the boat out to see the fireworks thanks to Happy's babysitting services. I am always amazed that they don't wake the babies up. They are so loud and seem to be exploding right on top of our house. It was really hard to come home this time because the weekend was unexpectedly relaxing and easy. Peter even slept well a few nights. Milam really didn't want to come home, so he stayed with my mom a couple of days. Of course the minute we get home, Samuel has some sort of stomach bug and Peter starts sleeping terrible again. And when I picked Milam up today he was saying his throat and ear hurt. Really? Maybe we should just move to the lake....

I left my camera in my sister's bag, so will have to add photos when she gets here next week! I got some really cute ones of ALL the kiddos. This is hard, hard, hard. Uncle Mark had to do some serious acrobatics and even busted out with the centipede. HA! The kids were in stitches. I was too.


Baby Peter - 3 months

Is it inappropriate to call Peter "baby Peter" his whole life? I've tried to explain to Milam that he will always be my baby...he hates when i call him a baby and quickly corrects me saying "I am a BIG boy, not a baby". Peter growing up will be the hardest and it's already started. I had to put loads of newborn clothes away and had myself a little cry while I was doing it. He is 3 months old and has started to settle into a better routine most days. He seems to have mellowed out a little. No more screaming in the bathtub...he's learned to enjoy it as long as I sing and he can see my face. He tolerates being changed now too. He lights up when he sees my face, laughs at his dada, and seems very observant of his brothers. He is also super strong. Puts so much weight on his legs "standing up" and he doesn't like laying down...he tries to sit up with all his might. He's ready for action! The swing is still the only place he'll sleep peacefully during the day, and he's still in my bed at night. I know these are bad habits but still feel somewhat in survival mode...even after 3 months. Whatever it takes for him to be rested and happy. I love his spiky hair, chubbiness, and waking up with him in the morning. The baby strech and yawn is too precious. I attempted a few 3 month photos, and this is all I got...have been very frustrated with my photography lately. Don't feel like these don't capture the full cuteness of baby Peter.


Summer so far...

I had to really think about what the heck we've been doing the past month. i am officially brain dead. this is the third time this has happened to me after months of really, really, bad sleep with a newborn but it's still shocking just how dumb i get. i can't seem to finish thoughts or sentances...it's bad. we are also living in the sick house it seems. Both boys have had double ear infections (this started from croup over mother's day weekend), then Milam got swimmers ear, and both still have an out of control cough and woke up this morning with fever and runny noses. what in the world!?! Lets see....we went to the lake for memorial weekend. it was so busy and fun that i didn't manage to take one single picture. bad mama mark against me. our friends ashley, kyle and molly joined us and it was great having such good friends down there. emily and I taught VBS last week and 4 of the 7 original church playgroup kids were in our class. i get so sentimental every time i see them all together. I can remember each so well as a baby and watching them grow up is amazing. i was also shocked how GOOD milam was. i thought he would cling to me and be wierd but he was an angel and really enjoyed being there. i have always had a hunch that he thrives in that type of environment, but seeing it made me know it's true. he will greatly benefit from 5 days of school next year. i have also been busy with some serious post-pardem maintenence - highlights, following up with the urologist about the dreaded kidney stones, cavities filled (i will not even mention how many...let's just say as the daughter of a dentist i am very ashamed), trying to get the wardrobe updated, starting to work out again, etc. etc. the wardrobe update has been almost as painful as the secret number of fillings. i refuse to buy any more bottoms in the wrong size unless they are CHEAP! this has put me into several stores/departments that i don't usually frequent. you know you're in the wrong place when the salesgirls ask if you have your advance tickets to twilight yet. happy breezed through town and Brian and I finally got out for a much needed dinner date. i miss my husband!

Dentist appt with Carrie (my oldest friend). He did amazing and she was so good and sweet with him.

Last day of swimming with coach chris

This ones in heaven...pool, paci and dump truck!

Until crazy brother comes along!

Testing out their new picnic table

Look who's big enough for the Bumbo! He loves watching his brothers from here.