3 year stats

Before I forget, wanted to document Milam's 3 year stats. We went for his checkup today and he was too cute. We brought his dr. kit along and there was a Rudolph (his fave) stuffed animal in the room. He gave Rudolph a very thorough checkup and was super, super good. I got my H1N1 vaccine and he kept saying over and over "it's OK mommy, it's OK mommy...don't cry". And when it was his turn for shots he said "I'm not gonna cry". He let out a slight whimper and then was fine. What a brave boy. I was really impressed. He is in the 90th percentile for weight (37 lbs) and 60% for height (38"). This was suprising to me because he seems like he's slimmed up so much, and doesn't look bigger than all his friends. Guess he does have some tree trunks. At any rate, he is healthy, happy and loved as much as one little boy can be.


Christmas a little early

We had a perfect Christmas weekend. Kicked it off with Brian's team dinner Friday night. We won a catered dinner from Lombardi's at the SCORES auction and they did not disappoint. I didn't have to lift a finger and it was so good. I loved that they brought a different wine for each course...even though I couldn't participate. Brian's partner Nicole has an itty bitty one month old and I couldn't get enough of him. Almost made me ready for March....almost. We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to do breakfast with Santa with Milam's dear friend Molly, Ashley & Mr. Kyle. It was super fun. Milam wasn't as scared of Santa this time and after brave Molly jumped right into his arms, Milam was willing to take a turn. So, so cute. After the breakfast there was a concert and Milam was pulled onto stage first thing. He was excited to go up and be the helper but was so serious up there. He would get that little leg shaking but didn't bust out the crazy dance moves I see at home. And baby Samuel has caught onto the dancing bug too. He gets his feet going, bounces and claps. Again...so cute. We came home and decorated cookies for Santa while last-minute-dada did some Christmas shopping. We did Santa and opened gifts Sunday morning. Milam was SUPER excited about everything, but especially his bike, guitar, and fireman outfit. Samuel was happy as a lark to be a part of it...he's such a good baby. And lastly, we headed to Hannah's birthday party that afternoon. Next up...Mexico! Feliz Navidad...

Family shot....who's the tubby? Mama or Samuel!?!

Big hugs for Santa

Onstage with Eddie

Making cookies for Santa

The taste test

SO excited about his bike and fireman outfit!

And the guitar. He's been belting out some serious tunes

Brothers :)

Samuel loving the tractor


Milam turns 3!

How did this happen!?! It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital, but it's also very hard to remember life without my milam man. What in the world did I do all day? He is a constant source of energy, excitement, humor, and most of all dialogue. The boy looooooves to talk. It's for sure one of his favorite things. The list probably goes something like this:

1. blankie

2. thumb

3. dumbo (the target figurine he latched onto after happy bought him the movie)

4. talking!

5. tormenting Samuel


7. "helping" dada work outside (especially poop scooping....HA!)

8. playing in the dirt

9. singing and dancing

10. vitamins (he asks for one at least 10 times a day)

11. trucks (this used to be MUCH higher)

Despite our long and crappy week, we were able to pull off a birthday party. He was in heaven and woke up the next morning asking when all his friends were coming over again. The dirt pile dada made was probably the highlight for him....even cupcakes wouldn't bribe him inside. He was a busy bee out there and, of course, covered from head to toe in dirt. I put him in knee socks and a jon jon and I'm probably the most sad knowing this is the last birthday that kind of ensemble is gonna fly. Today, on his actual birthday, I rushed out to get him donuts for breakfast and we sang happy birthday. After school we braved the mall to do build-a-bear. The show 'Little Bear' has been a favorite for over a year now (that should be on the list) and weirdly the child doesn't have a teddy bear. We have my dad's old one in the nursery but I try not to let them play with it too much. Milam gravitated right to a bunny rabbit instead of a bear....darn. I really wanted him to have a special teddy bear. I guess there's one thing he gets from me. I was obsessed with bunnies as a girl and my old one is also in the nursery. He loved building it and we came home with a very hugh hefner looking 'Billy Bunny'....ha! I didn't get any good pictures and I'm really hoping to do a beach 3 year session. But I'm sure I'll be calling Kelly to work her magic as I can't seem to keep up with him behind the lens.

His present from us. Has been asking for an elephant he can ride

Dumbo Cupcakes

The dirt pile! I's sure Lillian and Samantha's mama's wanted to kill me.


baby peter?

I am already in love with this baby who shocked our pants off by making his appearance a few years early. I don't even want to get into the details, but I ended up spending most of last week in the hospital with kidney stones. I was in so much pain on the way there I thought for sure I was going into labor. This little guy has been through the ringer. The only upside of being in the hospital was getting to listen to his little heart pitter patter several times a day. They had to record him on the monitor for 20 "good" mintues twice a day. He was a stinker and wouldn't stay in one place so it always ended up being more like an hour and it would just lull me to sleep (that or the morphine....HA). We are almost certain his name will be Peter. I love it and already have visions of pinching baby peter's rosy cheeks. I haven't taken a single pregnant photo this time around, but here's one on the way to the hospital when Samuel was born. HUGE.

my chubby baby samuel....love those cheeks.

My mom was the hugest lifesaver while I was in the hospital. It was sooooo nice knowing the boys were in such good hands. She is amazing and we are all so lucky to have her.


Late Thanksgiving

I must be a glutton for punishment...I decided yesterday that I didn't want to go through the ordeal of having a sitter, trying to make myself look presentable, eat a late birthday dinner, etc. I really just wanted to put the boys down early (they were both veeeery tired), hang out with my wonderful husband, eat yummy take-out, and watch a movie. Although very pathetic I admit, sounds like a good preggo night to me. But then I picked 'My Sister's Keeper' and cried about through the entire movie. I had read the book, so I knew what I was in for....but it was sooooo sad. There must be worse things than a sick child, right? I just can't imagine much worse. I can't. I really am so thankful that my babies are healthy. Sometimes I can occasionally (Ok...maybe once a day) feel sorry for myself because Milam is a handful but I love him so much. Besides ending the night a little depressed I had a great birthday. Brian pretty much took care of the boys all day and let me relax and shop! Milam must have wished me Happy Birthday a thousand times. He was so excited.

making me a pretend birthday cake

Samuel didn't know what was going on....but is super cute in his hat!


Meeting Santa

We took the boys to meet Santa this morning. We went to the one at Neiman's downtown and the picture quality isn't that great...but it was worth the sacrifice to avoid a line. Milam was excited about the idea of talking to Santa but was a little freaked once he saw him. He warmed up enough to tolerate standing next to him but wasn't about to climb in his lap. Samuel was hysterical :( Poor baby. I've been reading Christmas books to Milam and he's pretty into it this year. His favorite is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.