For Real

We did the Xmas shoot for real. The boys did great for 10 minutes while I clicked away...I was soooo excited. So many good shots. Then I got home and their sweet faces were blurry in almost all of them. Not sure what is going on. I've been having this problem lots lately with my camera....or my technique? Here are two that didn't make the cut, but I do adore....

Is there anything sweeter than this!?!

ok...maybe this


Xmas Card Practice

whew...looks like I'll need a hundred more practice sessions. i decided to get my act together and snap a few pics of the boys before school and this is what i got...yikes.

Not awake yet...still soooo attached to blankie!

Samuel was ready to go and excited to see the camera again

Milam, will you smile for mama?

How about a "cheeeeeeese"?

At least Samuel was hugely entertained!


Poor Samuel :(

I try to keep this blog positive, but I also want it to be a real journal of our lives so here this one goes. Milam is still struggling so hard with Samuel. He doesn't want anything to do with him and any and all attention he gives him is too rough. If Samuel pulls up to the couch he's on, Milam will kick him. If Samuel pulls up anywhere Milam is (and of course, Samuel wants to be where he is), Milam will hit his hands or kick him. ANY toy Samuel is playing with, Milam will take it away. Whatever Samuel is doing, Milam wants to control him. For instance, if he's playing with the door he will freak out and say "NO baby Samuel, we don't play with doors". We have never been tolerant of this behavior but time outs aren't working....at least not fast enough. I have started an absolute (maybe it has taken me too long) zero tolerance for any mistreatment of Samuel. It's so, so hard. My big preggo booty has been carrying that wooden spoon around for days and hauling Milam up to his room for time out too many times to count. I very much believe my sister was the best "gift" my parents gave me, and I have hopes that my boys will play and love each other with time. I am learning that boys do play very aggressivly and rough and that is fine. But Milam is not doing these things playfully.

Now to redeem the wild man....I took him to my 20 week sonogram and he could not have been more precious. He truly has a love for people and has never met a stranger. He was saying the FUNNIEST things during the sono, like "Is that baby gonna fly out of your tummy? Look, there's the baby in your tummy and on the TV! Is he saying hi to me?" Then he wanted to draw the baby and named every single part on the face...eyebrows, cheeks, eyelashes and all. He didn't miss a thing. Wouldn't it be great if he was sweet to this one?

We had a whirlwind weekend. Headed to Burnet Friday for Brian's grandmothers 80th birthday party. Got up Saturday and stayed with his sister for Mason's birthday party. Then came home Sunday morning and made it to one last birthday party that afternoon. As with most things these days, I have been doing a terrible job taking pics. Here's one of The Olson Family from the weekend.


Fall Leaves

Milam has had so much fun in the leaves. He begs me to go play in them. Here's a few snaps of him in leaf heaven. I so vividly remember him jumping into them last year too. I have the best video of it, but he's naked...better not put that one up.

Every time I get dressed up to go somewhere he's been asking me "Mama, are you married?" I don't know what he thinks being married means, but he clearly associates it with getting dressed up. And when I tell him "Yes, I am married to your Dada" he gets a little pitiful and says "What about me?". Weird as it is, I just tell him I will marry him....I don't want to break the little guys heart.

I have never had a problem with time changes in the past, but this one is really screwing Samuel up. We had just reached the point where he was OK without a morning nap and it was great to get out of the house. But now, he's waking up at 5:30 or 6. If he goes down in the morning, he doesn't want to go down again in the afternoon which results in major fussiness. If I don't put him down in the morning he's melting down by 11:30.....aaaaah. Not sure how to get him back on track.


The Pumpkin & The Pirate

We had a great Halloween. Our friend Lisa lives on a beautiful historic street close to us (Swiss Avenue) and invited us over for a party. Most of the playgroup kiddos were there and Milam was loving every minute. He seemed very impressed by his princess friends and told them all they looked beautiful! He was very jazzed up about being a pirate and has all the lingo down...aaaaaargggghh (Samuel say this one now too)! He wasn't tired at all when we got home from the party and trick-or-treating so he and Brian sat on the porch and handed out our candy. I have never seen a child so wound up. It was like he was on speed.

We have hit a couple of big milestones in the past week. Samuel is pulling up to his feet!!! I even saw him let go for a second this morning to admire an ambulance truck with both hands. Maybe there is hope he'll be mobile before I'm too big to carry him. And Milam has mastered 1/2 of potty training. He's going #1 on the potty all the time and rarely having accidents. #2 is a different story but after having that accident last night he told dada he was done doing that in his pants. Amen to that. I could do without that mess everyday. Here's the latest on "bebe trece": Someone asked when I was due and when I told them their mouth hung open and then uttered "I can NOT believe you are that big already". OK...I know I'm big but hearing it in that way really makes me want to hibernate until April. I can't help that I cook 'em big! I love my chunkey monkeys even if it means a big ole belly for me. Shrug. What can you do!?!
Sweet brothers!

This is more like it....still sweet though.