Fun Fall Weekend

It's been a few weeks since we were all home together for a weekend and we had a great one. I stayed awake for an entire movie Friday night and we got up bright and early on Saturday to hit the Walk and Wag Kid's Fair. It was a big chore getting the boys into their Halloween costumes but they looked so adorable...worth the effort. The fair was fun...they had a big time. As much as Milam looooooves petting zoos I am very afraid he's gonna kill an animal. He doesn't mean to be rough with the animals, he just "loves them to death". My mom and grandad ("Gee") were here for the rest of the weekend and I loved seeing my cute, ancient grandad. He and Milam would talk for days if left alone together! Gee has 5 grandaughters, 5 great grandaughters and 2 1/2 great grandsons (I am the only one on that side of the family that has boys), so I get a kick out of him talking about me being the only one that can produce the right gender. Brian and I took advantage of having a free sitter and had dinner at Soley (really, really good), and went to the Cowboys game. We are heading to my mom's in the morning...

This is the best I can do with Milam right now....right before he threw the pumpkin off his lap.

Cutest lil pumpkin in the patch

Admiring the pumpkin that he decorated

Running over to show me the baby chicken he hoisted onto his shoulder...he was so proud


Knock, Knock

Milam has come up with his first joke. He told it to Brian while I was at the store, and I finally got him to repeat it to me this morning. We have no idea where it came from, but it cracks us up. It goes like this:

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Milam Who?
Whoooooooo else!?!

And...do you think it means your child is alpha if he can't even watch Dora? He gets so mad at her telling him what to do/say he ends up furious and shouting at her "NO, Dora I don't want to say ___". Oh, he's a mess.

This is so rare I had to document it...An actual picture with Mama where everyone is looking!


Yeeeee Haaaaaw!

Brian and Milam went to Daddy's Night Out at Milam's school. It had a Western Theme, and we have two cowgirl parties coming up, so I broke down and bought Milam his very first pair of blue jeans and a pearl snap. I hate the jeans...really hate them. Way to big boy for me. I admit he did look kinda cute in the hat and cowboy shirt though. He's been begging me for some cowboy boots and I was trying to hold off until his birthday, but the top siders looked funny with the outfit so I caved. We got some cowboy boots today. True to his personality, Milam freaked in the boot store and couldn't get the boots off fast enough. Hopefully we'll get them on for the party tomorrow. I bet if I tell him "Do NOT put those boots on...whatever you do. They are ugly and terrible." he would beg to put them on. Even better, "Milam, Mama's gonna let Samuel wear your new boots today".

This pic cracks me up, because it's just so hard to get a picture of Milam. It looks like a father/son moment seeing eye to eye, but notice Brian's hand ordering him to look at the camera.

Baby brother crawled outside to see what was going on. Could he be any happier!?!


Dear Samuel,

I truly thank God for you each and every day...and this is the absolute truth. From the moment you came into this world you have been exactly what this family needed and I could not imagine it without you. I am thankful for your easy going manner. It is so rare when you cry that I know something is really wrong. Most of the time you are just content with life, playing, watching big brother, and being happy. I am thankful for your peaceful sleeping. There have only been a few nights where I had to "tend" to you. If you do wake up you just talk and play until you are ready to go back to sleep. This really is a blessing considering big brother still wakes up shreiking most nights, which also wakes you up. I am thankful for your dimples. Your sweet smile makes me melt. I probably shouldn't admit this, but you could probably get anything you wanted from me with one flash of that grin. I am thankful for your kissable rolls. You started out a big boy and haven't slowed down. Weighed in at 28 pounds on your one year visit. My back gets tired from carrying you, but I love it. If your dada would let me, I'd keep you in bubbles until your 18th birthday. Love those squishy baby thighs. I am thankful for your sweet, sweet personality. Everyone around you notices it...not just me. You had a babysitter the other day that hadn't seen you since you were an infant and the first thing she said when I came home was that you are the sweetest baby she's ever seen and such a flirt!

With your baby brother on the way sooner than planned, you won't stay mama's "baby" as long as I hoped but that won't make your place in this family any less cherished. You will always be my sweet and precious second born and I have a feeling you will be the best big brother. We love you sweet boy. Our first year together has been amazing!

Here's a few shots from your one year photo session with Kelly. You were so good, and the pictures speak for themselves - http://lala-photography.blogspot.com/


Baby _____ Olson....

BOY! Not a big surprise, but exciting all the same. Our little family will be complete and full of energy. More important...everything looked great. Little stinker was kicking so hard during the sonogram it made me jump. First time I've felt him move besides the flutters...almost like he was saying hello to us. I'm already having fun scaring Brian with my "princess" practice. Everyone says having all boys is great because you get to forever be the princess. I am not one by nature, but feel entitled to test it out. I'm working on grand plans for a fluffy dog with dresses and bows, a house fund advance in leau of the weddings he will never pay for, extravagant trips and outings with my nieces....and I'm just getting started. A millions thanks to our dear friends Ashley and Molly for keeping Wild Man entertained during the 2 1/2 hour Dr visit. Big boy Samuel threw the babysitters back out so we're on our own until she's better.



I got home late last night from a wonderful girls weekend in New York. We had so much fun!! Some highlights:

*Seeing Jude Law live in Hamlet (loooooong show and a little boring at times, but worth it)

*Emily getting fussed at from some grumpy lady sitting behind us for playing on her cell phone during Hamlet

*Shopping for two days straight with no strollers, crying, diapers to change

*Finding fun jewelry, and some vintage boots that go half way up my thighs (the over the knee trend doesn't accomadate amazon girls...none of them were clearing my knees so I had to go a little over the top)

*Meredith dropping a piece of vintage jewelry, knocking a diamond out, seeing the store clerk hyperventilate and make her 6 mo. pregnant self crawl around on the floor looking for the tiny pave diamond.

*Getting hit on by a group of men, Meredith breaking the news that "you don't want us....we're knocked up!", and hearing them laugh all the way down the street.

*Eating a few delicious meals in peace

*Sleeping until we felt like getting up

*Finally witnessing tiny Emily's negotiation skills firsthand (she is fierce) - girl saved me a bunch of $!

*Missing our flight (the last one out of JFK) because we sat down for lunch and lost track of time, hauling it to La Guardia to catch the last flight out of there, finally making it home at midnight.

*Waking up to see my sweet boys faces. I missed them so much!

I've got to get my camera back out...haven't taken a single picture since Samuel's birthday...


Potty Training V1

Last night as the boys were winding down before bed I casually asked milam, "Do you want to wear this big boy underwear that has Lightning McQueen on it?" He gave me an enthusiastic YES, so he wore them without an accident for a good hour. When I asked if he needed to tee tee he would say "No, I have on my big boy underwear". Hmmm. That was somewhat promising. So the next morning I asked if he wanted to wear the underwear to school and got the same reply. I was very curious to hear how that went. He had two #2 accidents but did #1 several times on the potty. When we got home he had another #2 accident, so I decided that was enough accidents for one day. I ran upstairs to try on some new shoes while Milam was engaged and saw something brown and suspicious on my foot. SICK! Just as I was getting the final stomach bug linens put away...more nastiness to clean up.

I have no idea where Milam came up with this but it makes me laugh (even though it's yet another stall tactic). Before bed he says "Mama, how long before the sun goes down? How long before the moon comes up? How long before we get up and play"? By the end of the day I am a very tired mama and my reply is always "Not too long"...

Dada took off for a hunting trip (this time I'm not feeling sorry for myself since I'm heading to NYC as payback next weekend), so Meredith is taking us in. It should be entertaining to have all the kiddos under one roof. Emily lives accross the street and her sister Sarah is staying with her so I'm happy to spend the weekend in good company instead of all alone!