Samuel Turns ONE

I don't know if birthday's get easier with time, but the first one is especially hard for me. It makes it so official that what seems like your itty bitty baby is not a baby anymore at all. This milestone happened to us over the weekend. My mom and sister arrived in town Thursday night and the kids were ecstatic to see each other as usual. We woke up Friday morning and Happy made birthday pancakes for Samuel (everyone else had some too). We sang, opened a few gifts, and then got ready to take the big kids to the fair. The birthday boy got to spend some solo time with Happy which is a rare treat. It's hard for the baby to compete for attention sometimes. The big kids LOVED the fair. Everything about it. They got on one ride that I hadn't paid attention to before loading them up and when it started I panicked because it was FAST. They thought is was great...laughing and screaming the whole time. By Saturday they were all a little sleep deprived and grumpy so luckily everyone had a nap before Samuel's party. The party was so much fun and Samuel was a very sweet little birthday boy. The only bummer was that he woke up this morning covered in throw up from eating too much cake :( I'm not sure at what point in the night it happened, but of course my sweet boy didn't cry or make a peep....just went on back to sleep like nothing ever happened.


Big Boys

All in the sudden, my babies seem way too grown up. Milam is finally out of his crib. I was pretty relaxed about the timing of it happening but then decided I couldn't do another pregnancy of dropping him in there. He has a little stool to climb into his bed and has done great. My only complaint is the darn blankie gets tossed out of bed almost every night and he won't get out to get it...screams bloody murder until one of is goes in to retrieve it. Drag. He has consistently woken up at least once during the night since forever so it's really nothing new but annoying still the same. We finally made it back to church today after a summer of being out of town, and Milam had his first day of Sunday School. He loved it. Ran out telling me he had so much fun. When I asked him what he talked about and learned he said "trucks". I know for a fact that was nowhere in the lesson plan. That boy has such a one track mind.

Sweet Samuel decided he wasn't that into formula or bottles, so he switched to drinking milk out of a big boy cup a few weeks ago without batting an eye. He also skipped his morning nap today....hooray! I welcome this and might actually push him to stop taking it. It's just too hard to be housebound all morning with Wild Man. I really can't believe he turns ONE on Friday.
Sniff Sniff. I hate my babies growing up sometimes. Good think another teeny tiny is on the way. What will I do when that one gets big? Perhaps that yorkie I've always wanted...


Weird Comments

I had several weird comments today. First, a stranger was commenting on Samuel's dark eyebrows and lashes and light hair. Nothing new there. But then she starts cackling very, very loudly and says "He will definitely be a waxing candidate". What? That's weird. Then, as I'm putting Milam down for nap he says "The wicked witch is going to come get me and spank me and pop me". We have never seen The Wizard of Oz. Did he invent that nickname for me out of the blue? I won't go into details but we've experimented with the wooden spoon recently and I'm not sure it's having the desired effect. Then, the painters showed up this afternoon and Milam was glued to their side. I gave him a bowl of water and a brush and let him to go to town on the windows while Samuel and I played in the other room. He was in there for a good 20 minutes and then walked over to me with a big grin on his face and asked me "Mama, are you married? Don't be so married" What were they talking about in there!?! Did one of the painters tell him to ask me that? I already can't fit my wedding rings onto my fat pregnant fingers so maybe the fake bling needs to come back out.

Samuel's first bike ride with dada...he was excited

Only a tad bit concerned about the helmet

Wild Man's first movie night with dada. Toy Story. He actually watched it all.


A day for Samuel

After one of the toughest emotional days ever, today was a sigh of relief. Wild man had his first full day of school. That 9-12 business just doesn't cut it. I barely have time to get my dt. coke down before turning around to pick him up. Samuel and I headed to Little Gym, which he loves, even though all the other babies are running circles around him. He crawls around at his slow little pace and stops to clap and give me that sweet dimpled smile about every 5 scoots. As a mom, you think your kids are this way or that way, but then wonder if you are biased (or competely off the mark) because you are their mom. I think Samuel is one of the sweetest babies alive, and it might be more than a mom bias because I've had several strangers comment on his sweetness. After Little Gym we had a lunch date and then ordered his birthday cake on the way home. There is something that confuses me about strangers....why do they think my boys are girls? I know half the time it's completely my fault for putting them in bubbles, jon jons, etc., but the other day wild man was in a polo and shorts and the nurse was calling him a she. This actually embarrasses me a little because if I did have a little girl, I certainly wouldn't bowl cut her hair and stick her in polos. Heavens! After naps the boys came with me to pick out new plants for our front porch...I'm starting to get fall fever!

I didn't create this blog to complain, but maybe this will make my kids appreciate my efforts one day (ya right). One of the things that has changed the most since having kids is mealtime. It has become one of my least favorite things. Here's how tonight's version went: Started cooking the rice plenty ahead of time. Soon after I put it on (yes, it's the 10 minute instant version) the painter shows up 2.5 hours late. By the time I get him out the door the rice has been boiling for 20 minutes...oh well. There are worse things than soggy rice I guess. Manage to get the rest of my "global dinner" in the pot with one baby screaming and trying to crawl up my legs and the other one throwing everything he can get his hands on all over the kitchen...the louder the better. Finally get Samuels plate ready and on the high chair. Try to get Samuel in the high chair and the tray is not connected right. Entire plate of food falls to the floor. This sends Samuel into hysterics and the dog leaping all over the place in a slobbering frenzy. Finally get both boys seated and eating. Apparently Milam is not hungry since he quickly starts throwing his dinner onto the floor. I take his plate away. He goes into hysterics. I shove food into my mouth as fast as I can, and then Samuel ends his meal with another toss of his plate onto the floor. Onto cleanup...Nelly has decided she doesn't eat black beans and there is half a can all over my floor. Where is the fun in that? Please someone invent a nourishment pill already...


12 weeks and counting

On Friday, I had my 12 week sonogram. It's the one where they measure fluid behind the baby's neck, in combination with bloodwork, to help detect downs. Nerve racking. It's a fun sono though because they need a perfect profile, which can take a long time. Love seeing sweet baby move around in there. Sono lady would not discuss gender even though there was a perfect spread eagle shot. I swear I saw boy parts!!! Decided to bring Milam with me since he's so into playing Dr. and really just to get him out of the house one-on-one. He did great. Of course I bribed him with sugary fruit snacks that he never gets, and he sat there silent as a mouse through the whole thing. That's big for my little chatterbox. We got up Saturday morning and headed to Waco for a family wedding. Arrived straight at a luncheon to discover we had no diapers or wipes. Luckily we caught Brian's parents on their way. Whew...one crisis diverted. The house was anything but kid friendly. We managed to have lunch on fine china without a single broken plate, and left without a single broken trinket. Yea! It is always so wonderful and fun to see the big Olson Family. The wedding was beautiful...I just missed my wine.

Oh, this is funny:
Q - Milam, what do you want to name the baby in mommy's belly?
A - Weenie
Q - Do you want to have a baby sister or a baby brother?
A - I want a weenie dog baby
Q - Would you like to have another baby brother like Samuel?
A - No, a weenie dog baby

This seems a tiny bit odd to me. I think it's his way of saying "I don't want to talk about it". And no offense to all the weenie dog lovers out there, but if I was going to birth a puppy I would certainly hope for a better breed that that...

Bathtub Portraits! Crappy pictures, but those faces! So sweet.


Back to School

Thankfully, Milam woke up with no stomach bug symtoms and was ready for his first day of school. Well...that's a stretch. I got him ready, but he was not excited about going. After an insane morning trying to get him dressed and from killing Samuel I couldn't get out the door fast enough. He didn't shed a tear once we got there and seemed thrilled about his new room....especially the truck and train tables. His teacher requested that I send him to school in underwear, and after I told her that he is in no way potty trained she was quick to point that finger in my face (literally) saying "you need to work on that". My response was short. I said, "As you will soon see, he is very strong willed". I was also a little apprehensive that she wouldn't let him bring his blankie into the room. I get that he's growing up (sniff sniff) but it IS the first day and he's incredibly attached to that thing. Whatever. Rules are rules. Upon pickup the first thing teacher said to me was that she thinks potty training might be a problem of strong will. Hmmm...was that what I was warning her about? I believe it was. She also mentioned that he pooped in his diaper (TMI, but his number 2's are MESSY. Accidents mean full blown bath, not a quick wipe and change of clothes) and did not mention sending him in underwear again. She also told me several times that I am not to send him in any one piece clothing. This is the end. I am soooooo sad. My baby is a big boy and ready for the awful big boy clothes that come with the territory.

I haven't mentioned Samuel lately. He has started talking! I was prepared to have a late talker since he's so opposite of Milam but he's saying "Mama, Dada, Uh oh, Ball, Dog, Cookie and CAR (Noooo....please not another crazy car addict.) I beat myself up for not reading to him as much as I did with Milam, but looks like he will be just fine.

This might look innocent, but I assure you it is not. He pins Samuel down until he cries.

You wanna take my picture? How about behind this plant?

Even better...how about this pose? I've been practicing it for years...


Prepare for Takeoff...

We've been busy the last couple of weeks. Had a wonderful, kid free (sorta) vacation to Santa Barbara. The weather was perfect, and so was the food...which I couldn't get enough of. I really am a bottomless tank these days. Brian laughed at one point (after I ordered a shake AND a bagel for a snack) that my eyes were bigger than my stomach...but he was very wrong. This new baby is sooooo hungry. As soon as we got home I started unpacking and packing for the lake. Milam was really excited...he talks about the lakehouse and his cousins almost every day. On day three of the lake trip (and day three with no nap), he was starting to act even more beserk than usual. He was standing at the top of a flight of stairs and I was at the bottom. Before I could even blink he threw his arms out and jumped saying "I'm going to FLY!" and landed with a splat at the bottom of the stairs. I wasn't able to catch him, but think I broke the fall a little. He cried and said it scared him, but I busted him about to do it again later that day. Really? I was telling my friend Stacy, who has a 4 year old son, and she said he did the same thing out of a tree once. Apparently, this is not an uncommon impulse for boys. Wow. We were able to get an appointment with Dr. Grumpy for his first checkup. Milam was scared and would hardly open his mouth, but Grumpy was able to get a decent look I think. All looks good except that he has a crossbite. Hopefully if won't carry to his permanent teeth, but I'm sure he'll end up in braces either way. For me, the vacation ended with a good ole stomach bug :( I Literally only got out of bed once the entire day....it really shut me down. I was so dissappointed because Brian's whole family was at the lake for the day and I was stuck in bed...at least I had lots of helping hands with the boys. I woke up feeling somewhat normal this morning for the drive home. Milam's first day of school is tomorrow so I'm crossing fingers the boys aren't infected! I look forward to having some one-on-one time with baby Samuel. He's such a sweetheart and has been taking lots of abuse from big brother. Got his first busted lip courtesy of Milam at the lake...breaks my heart.