This is how I explained it to Brian (who thinks I'm trying to emotionally protect myself):

When I found out Samuel was a boy, I had this intense feeling that we would have all boys. I mourned that I would never have a daughter...and then got over it. Done. Boys are great and hopefully 1 out of the 3 will be a Mama's boy ;) If we were going to have a girl...it would have been Samuel. Brian's sister has Boy-Boy-Girl (what are the chances we would have the same), so I thought we would either have Boy-Girl-Girl or Boy-Boy-Boy. I have my own little system of odds that has proven right more often than not! Also, EVERY single person in my circle of friends (and I consider it a decent sized circle) has a girl...except Carrie Clark and Lisa. So again...odds are I will have all boys. Someone has to break the odds. Maybe I am wrong....but I am willing to start placing bets!!!

Sweet baby Milam (hospital)

Sweet baby Samuel (one week old)


SOME of the shock is wearing off after learning that baby number three is on the way (due date March 27), but extreme fear is taking it's place. Things around here have been impossible. I knew Samuel's mobility would be a huge problem for Milam and he didn't prove me wrong...even a little. Our days consist of Milam shouting "MINE", pushing Samuel away, hitting Samuel, screaming and crying from both (Samuel already gets his feelings very hurt). And me unsuccessfully attempting to referee, while trying not to throw up. I can't even describe how crazy and hard it is. I'm just at a loss on how to make things better. Did I mention I have no energy? And that my 2 1/2 year old just told me to "get a grip mommy!" Have I really been telling him that.....yes. What is SO crazy to me is that there will only be 3 years and 3 months age difference between Milam and baby brother III. That is just insane. I am counting down the days to our kid free vacation to Santa Barbara next weekend. Guess we'll postone wine country again.....boo hoo.

Examples of how wild man has been entertaining himself these days


Lotsa Scoots

He moves! It's official...Samuel is crawling! He went accross the rug to get Nelly and then again for a ball. Yipeeee. It's about damn time. I guess this means I should finally lower the crib. It was so nonchalant and Samuel to me. Just...Ok...I'm gonna crawl now....reeeeaaaal slow. What's the big deal? Why are you clapping and yelling?

Stall Tactics and Three Scoots

Milam tries every stall tactic he can dream up before bed and "naps", and here's how today's went "Mama, wait. I want to tell you a story (holding both hands in front of him like a book). Once upon a time you went to work and there was a rabbit named Peter. He was very naughty. And then you got to go to a party (in a high, squeaky, excited voice). The End". I thanked him for my story and then hear again "Mama, wait! I need a kiss. And now an eskimo kiss. And one last regular kiss". His tactics worked....how could they not when he's being so sweet.

And this is BIG news. Samuel crawled about three scoots to get his paci on the floor. He's so close it's painful (to watch and on my back). The past few days he's been getting into position, moving the knees a couple of times and then throwing his body forward to lunge at whatever object he's trying to get. Hasn't figured out that he has stay up on his arms and keep moving.

Look! Milam is being nice...this is HUGE.

Sweet punkins...Is it me or do they look the same size!?!


Greatest Show on Earth?

Brian and I took Milam to the circus on Saturday and he wasn't into it as we had hoped. He loved the elephants, of course (the "Dumbo" attachment is still going strong), but after a few mintutes into the show he was bored. He was waaaay more into the "big red juice" (aka his first soda) that he suckered dada into buying. I didn't expect him to be able to sit in the seat, but he would run outside of the curtain (into the lobby) faster than we could get up saying "I need to go get something with my money". I could not convince him that he had no money for shopping. He wanted ALL the garbage they were selling. I drug him back inside when the motorcycles came out and that did hold his attention, but he asked to go home afterwards. Oh well...we tried.

Brian and Brett also took Hannah and Milam fishing on Saturday... they got rained out, but took one picture

I am very excited to report that Milam is OVER his extreme fear of stickers...maybe only because they are construction vehicles but it's a start!