Brian's Ferrari

This hoopty golf cart has been a money pit, but I'm not complaining. It's provided hours of entertainment. The funniest thing to me is when people don't even bat an eye when they see our whole family (Nelly included of course) riding around the neighborhood....like it's totally normal. We took it for a spin yesterday afternoon to the park and then to see the parakeet habitat. Who knew there was a parakeet habitat right here in Lakwood? So strange. Speaking of Lakewood, I really love it here. I'm excited to raise the boys in this neighborhood. I joined the Lakewood Service League and had our new member breakfast this morning. It really motivated me. I love to volunteer and have a strong sense of responsibility and desire to give to people that are not as fortunate as I have been. It's a quality I've always admired in my parents and I hope to pass along to my kids. I'm pretty sure I want to fulfill my volunteer hours at the Children's Advocacy Center. I have always wondered if I'm tough enough for this place (my mom has been on the board for years), because just thinking about what these kids have been through makes me sick to my stomach. But I really love the thought of bringing a little sunshine and comfort to their day when their world is falling apart.

This update is getting really old, but I'm convinced Samuel is so close to crawling. I'm pretty sure he's losing sleep due to his practice sessions in bed. This is how I find him every time I get him up. And last night I started feeling guilty for not putting him in warm pj's (thanks mom!) so tried to sneak in to cover him with a blanket and he was totally awake practicing at 10:00. Whaaat? Had he even been to sleep yet? What was he thinking?

The food throwing begins! Samuel has always been the most patient little angel in his highchair. He sits there and eats as long as I need him to. Yesterday I was doing whatever it was I needed to do while he was eating and I heard him giggling...he had learned how to feed Nelly his dinner and thought it was hilarious.


Good to be Home

Samuel still isn't crawling, but learned some other tricks over the past month that he's pretty proud of. Mainly waving, clapping and making funny faces. Just in the past two days he's started to really protest a diaper change. This is weird, because he hasn't protetested anything until this point. He really gets irrate though. Nothing like the bucking bronco routine that big brother always put on...he just lays there shreiking. He also cut his front two teeth...the ones that are supposed to come in first. I am very happy about this. Didn't really want him to be dracula for his first Halloween debut.

Milam asked to sleep in his big boy bed today for nap and actually took one for the first time in at least a week. Does this mean bye bye crib? Think I'll leave it for now...just in case. I raced to Target to get doorknob protectors because during one of his non-nap naps at the lake he decided to enter Samuel's room (who was napping) and climb into the pack and play with him. That really freaked me out because Milam doesn't like Samuel. What was he doing in there? I doubt he was trying to play nicely.

Here are some more lake pictures. I am disappointed I didn't get more, but it seems impossible sometimes to handle one more thing. If only I had a few more arms.

Samuel showing off his new teeth after bath last night.


Storytime Drama

We all needed a change on scenery yesterday, so I decided to take Milam and Isabel to storytime at the library. The storytime room was way at the back of the library. We made it back there with no major drama even though Milam insisted on climbing on every step stool along the way. The room was filled with loooots of tables and chairs and Milam hac his own agenda...which did not include being quiet or even remotely listening. When I tried to get him to cooperate it was full blown drama....Milam style. So I took him outside of the room and shut the door so the other lovely and calm children could listen to their story in peace. He continued having his fit...splayed out on the floor, kicking, and screaming. After a few minutes the librarian came back and "politely" informed me he was being loud. Really? I hadn't noticed. My child loud? The one that barely has vocal cords left? She continued to "politely" kick us out. Asked us to step outside. I understand that Milam was being disruptive (how could I not after almost 3 years with him), but I didn't want to abandon my poor neice who was enjoying her story. I mean, she's only 4 and might not appreciate being left in there. Nor would my sister appreciate some psysho hauling her off. So anyway....we did leave and I asked the librarian to please come get me when the story was over. I mean seriously...sometimes I wonder why I try with Milam. I should have known the wild banshee would not apreciate the gesture. We are at my sister's in San Antonio until the weekend and have grand plans to do Sea World tomorrow. Wish me luck. I wish there was some way I could warn Shamu....

No pics again...it's just too hard to get them uploaded from here. I'll have to post them when we get home. The lake has been so wonderful but I have to admit I'm a little homesick. I think next summer I'll try 3 weeks lake-3 weeks home-3 weeks lake.


A Few Lake Pics

I'm a little technically challenged out here, but was finally able get a few pics uploaded. Milam took a tumble on the rocks and has a big boo boo on his lip. It's inevitable. Both times I had to get stitches lake accidents were the cause. At least we didn't end up in the ER....this time.


Audrey and the Lake

I have some very sad news to start with...my sister's 11 year old boston terrier,Audrey, drown in the lake a few days ago. It was terrible. We were all swimming and floating and she jumped off the pier like she always does (this little dog gave the labs a run for their money and was usually the first one out of the water with whatever toy that was thrown in to fetch). Our cautious, lake weary friend from Scotland noticed that she didn't swim ashore. By then, it was too late. My dad couldn't sleep and headed out at 5:00 the next morning and found her. He took her home to the ranch and buried her next to his beloved Rowdy. My heart aches for my sister....so sad. Amazingly, none of the kids have asked about her which we all find very strange. That horror aside, we have been having the best time at the lake. Milam wakes up every morning begging to go see his cousins. They have their moments, like all kids this age, but have been playing great together. My little lake-rat-in-training has been busy taking golf cart rides to feed the deer, fishing with dada, jumping off the back of the boat to swim, and even riding behind the boat in the blowup "jeep". He'll be skiing before we know it! I was so excited to take him out in the boat for the fireworks, but at the first "pop" he clutched onto my neck in terror. He clenched his eyes shut and begged to stay with happy who was manning samuel's monitor. Maybe next year. He missed a great show. We were under the one going on at Inks Lake Village and could also see the Aqua Boom show on LBJ over the dam. Last week was busy with friends and family and we're looking forward to a mellow week with dada.

Before we left, Samuel had his 9 month appointment. My mama instinct was right and his growth has tapered off. He's on the charts now at 90% percentiles for height and weight. It was an uneventful visit. As I predicted, the doctor said it's a non-issue that he's not crawling. Not to worry at all. We'll chat if he's not moving at his first birthday. I put him down the other day and was spying, and he was totally practicing in the pack-n-play. Maybe he's one of those that won't perform until his skills are perfect. Whatever. I'm just loving my little snuggle bug that will happily sit on my lap and lay that sweet head on my shoulder. I am so thankful to have this littlest guy in my life. It's hard to even describe how sweet and easy he is at all times (except when getting bonked on the head by big brother). Just so content all the time. He is my angel baby.

I'm posting from my mom's computer and all my pics are saved on mine. So....I'll have to post pictures next time.