Crawling two-a-days

This past week just flew by. Happy came into town to help us get ready for the lake and we didn't get ready at all. We swam, had dinner with friends, shopped for her new house, and went to market with my cousin and aunt. So on Saturday she offered to leave with Milam. Brian quickly took her up on the offer. Yesterday we sorta got our acts together and tended to the kitties, stocked up on vino, picked up the house, started packing, and enjoyed a nice dinner out with our calm baby child. I think I posted a few weeks ago this calm child was getting closer to crawling but now that seems like it was a stretch....he just doesn't want to be on the tummy at all. His dada said I need to start crawling two-a-days and we had our first session on the front porch yesterday. He certainly didn't love it...he tolerated it for a few mintues. His 9 month checkup is in the morning and we're hitting the road afterwards. I'm not worried about Samuel not crawling at all, but am anxious to hear what the dr. says. Hope to post some fun lake photos if we can get a computer to work.
PS...I am also anxious for my sister to see Samuel again. I was telling her he really isn't that chubby...just BIG. She laughed pretty hard...guess I'm delusional about what is "chubby". I do know he'll eat an entire banana, bowl of oatmeal, and handfuls of cheerios for breakfast. Hungry boy!!!

SO Big!

Woohoo....this is fun

Um...are you leaving me like this?

OK...enough already.


Dr. Milam Olson

Milam got a dr. kit and is loving it! It's the cutest. He's been checking us all weekend. He'll say "let me check your ____. Good news. You're OK. I'm the Dr. Man" The other night I was bathing him and trying to get him to do something and he said "I'm just an old lady". What!?! He asks me "why" all day long...I must hear it a million times and I'm sure I told him "because I'm an old lady" at one point. I've got to start editing what I say. On Friday, we took the DART train to the zoo and had a big time. I don't know if he liked riding the choo choo, playing in the creek, or riding the carousel better. He's regressed back to being super clingy and wouldn't play at the zoo unless I was right there with him. I was the only Mama in the creek, and he wanted me rolling around in there...just being present wasn't good enough. Little Samuel has been out of sorts the past few days. He cut some fangs....oh I was really hoping my kids wouldn't inherit that trait from me. Guess the other top ones are trying to come in now too. He's just not content unless I'm holding him, which makes for an interesting day. Tick Tock...counting down the days until we leave for the lake!!!

Samuel was a good patient


Princess, Wow Wow Wubzy...

I hate to even say this and jinx myself, but Milam has been a little easier to handle the past couple of days. Entertaining himself a little more, and playing a little better. Still wild and crazy with no nap, but better. Watching his imagination grow is really fun, and the beginning of a new stage I hope. We spent a long time at the chalkboard wall the other day, and the narration of his drawings was great. He drew a princess (think we can blame this one on Molly), wow wow wubzy, nelly, dora, boots, backpack, a rainbow, and lots of wheels. If I drew a truck, he would color in the wheels. I was impressed! Samuel is starting to show an interest in crawling...he'll at least tolerate being on his tummy now and can push backwards a little and get up on his knees.

don't laugh at my bulldozer...you should hear what trucks the child requests me to draw.

i love this pic...see samuel's little reflection in the window staring at nelly girl



Thank heavens the sun came out this afternoon. I certainly wasn't meant to be a pioneer woman. We were stuck here all morning in the mega rainstorm with no electricity. Crazy Milam, fussy teething Samuel, no TV, no lights, car stuck in the gate...not good. We tried to make the best of it by finger painting, playing the piano, reading books...but my wild child needs to RUN! Needless to say, he wasn't tired at all for his nap. I got him up so he wouldn't wake Samuel and we burned some energy by splashing in the puddles.

Milam loves "Dumbo" so much...his rainboots too.

In Dumbo Heaven

This was my attempt to get a pic of both boys yesterday
POOR Samuel...


Mama, Let me Be

Milam has been saying the funniest things lately. He's always been a BIG talker, but the things he's picking up on recently have been hilarious!

  • He got a new playmat/racetrack and was zooming his car around and stopped at a builing and said "may I get a dt. coke please". Embarrassing. That's my biggest guilty pleasure and as soon as I get out the door with the kids it's always the first stop.
  • He was playing on his pretend phone and said "yes, may I place an order for delivery". Again...embarrassing! Cooking dinner has obviously has been a problem recently.
  • He was playing with the kitties and had a dirty diaper. He was having so much fun putting their food into his dump truck that when I went to try and coax him inside he said "Mama, just let me be". This is from Green Eggs and Ham I'm thinking.
  • This one is just so cute to me. I always sing Taps before bed when he'll let me. We sang it at camp...cheesy I know, but I just can't ever remember the words to songs. The other night as I was trying to fall asleep I heard a little voice sing the entire song..."Day is done, gone the sun; From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky; All is well, safely rest; God is nigh."


Tuckered Out

I've said this before, but Milam's nap situation is a MESS! If he naps, he's up hee hawing around in his crib until 10:00 ish, and fights bedtime like you wouldn't believe. If he doesn't have one, he's having meltdowns all afternoon and I am insane by the time Brian gets home. Yesterday, I just didn't have the energy to fight him. He ended up falling asleep in the middle of the floor around 5:00. Samuel and I carried on, making lots of noise while he snoozed his head off. Sigh. I was so looking forward to early bedtime. We had lots of fun with the bubble machine today. Milam was chasing them all over the yard faster than I could aim the camera...


Trying so hard to catch the bubbles


Back to Reality

We're home after a nice long weekend at Happy's and the lake. Mom swears Milam didn't miss me at all, but he was begging to "sleep with me mama" last night and I couldn't resist. Every few minutes he would reach back to see if I was still there and rub my arm, and pat my head. So sweet, but after 45 minutes I decided me being in there was keeping him awake so I moved to the other room. At some point in the night, Brian thought he heard him awake so crawled in his bed to chaperone. It was pitch dark and when he got situated he felt around....no Milam. He had fallen out of bed onto the hard wood floor and was just laying there sucking his thumb. Poor baby! Brian scooped him back into bed and he never made a peep though it all. Not sure we're ready for a big boy bed.

We were all in heaven at the lake on Sunday. There are so many reasons I love it out there. I love the wind in my hair on a long boat ride, the sound of the waves, getting really hot and jumping into the cold refreshing water, enjoying a cold beer (or diet coke these last couple of summers) while lounging on a float, long naps in the hammock, not putting on makeup or having to get dressed....I could go on and on. I'm so thankful I married someone who loves it as much as I do and that we'll be able to take our kids to the place where I have such fond childhood memories. We're gonna have the BEST summer!

Isabel and Caroline playing ring around the rosy in the fountain at Happy's

Silly Nelly jumped in to play


Petting the donkey with Grandpa

Whose feet are those?