Samuel and Reese

Samuel and I met Melissa and Reese at Northpark today. We've had several playdates that included Milam, and you know how the story goes...so we wanted to get the sweet babies together where they had ALL the attention and I could actually carry on a conversation. Samuel has only had two major meltdowns in his life, and one was when Melissa was over for a playdate. Both of my boys were in rare form so I thought if I could just get Milam down for a nap then I could tackle Samuel....one baby at a time. When I came back downstairs, poor Melissa had a screaming baby on each hip, a pizza delivery guy at the door, and Nelly barking at the delivery guy. Samuel and Reese were feeding off each other. We laughed so hard. Funny to think about our carefree college days at times like that. The babies were much happier today and so stinking CUTE.

Milam was sooooo excited to see Happy yesterday we could not even contain him. He was beyond beserk at the restaurant where we met to do the exchange. I was a little worried my mom would change her mind about keeping him as he was whacking her with his blankie. Here's a snippit from the email I got from Happy this morning, "whew--mr exhuberant did actually ask to go to bed at 7:30! He was quite glad to see Felipe and Grumpy and ate supper like a field hand once I got him stopped long enough to eat." They are fishing and picking strawberries today....good luck mom. It sure is quiet around here!

Lunch At Cibus



Milam has been so precious and funny this weekend. It was action packed and spent with dear friends...he was in heaven. My little guy really loves people and doesn't have a shy bone in his body. He's quick to grab anyone's hand and beg "will you come play with me"? I was alarmed a few weeks ago when he was dragging the plumber all over the house. He finally fell in the pool last week during a fishing session with daddy (which has now evolved into Milam throwing his trucks in the pool and brian reeling them in), and it really scared him. I was surprised, becuase he has no problem jumping in, but he was very upset. Now he's made up a story about mommy falling in the pool and has been telling it all weekend. There is no truth to it, but could not be sweeter to me. He says "Remember the time you fell in the pool, and it was scary, and I SAVED you, you're OK mommy". I can see Superman in our near future...or SuperMilam? He's off to spend the rest of the week with Happy, and I am excited about some serious snuggle time with Samuel. I finally got my camera back from the shop and Samuel was a patient model while I tested her out. Milam moves faster than I can click these days...


First Fight

Sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed with Milam, but yesterday I told Brian that I hope his personality never changes. He is such an animated, outgoing, social, happy little guy. So fun. Can you tell at 2 what they will be like as adults? If so, we'll have the life of the party on our hands. He's still having a hard time sharing mommy with baby brother, but is starting to realize he can make Samuel laugh and interact with him. I took them to Whole Foods and they have the carts where they can both sit together and "drive". Samuel was loving it...squealing with delight and tackling Milam. Milam was not amused...throwing elbows and trying to push Samuel out of the cart. I think it was their first fight. I just giggled the whole way through the store...what could I do? I know deep down Milam does love him. When we got to checkout he proudly told the cashier " This is Samuel. He's my baby brother". Milam does want to be a baby a lot these days and I just let him. He'll tell me "hold me, I'm a baby" or "this is my bottle, feed me". He asks for baby food and sometimes even sucks on Samuel's paci, which he hasn't done since he was 6 months old. Which, I hate to admit, is kinda nice. It's the only time he's silent all day.

I didn't think I would get attached to Ruby Mae and Saggy Maggie, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about Saggy Maggie since she went missing. After a couple of days we called the cat lady and it turns out a jogger picked her up. I was shocked she agreed to let us have her back. Guess I need to keep the garage shut until they are a little bigger. NO jogger would pick up a grown cat, with a collar, if they saw it out right?

And, I forgot to include that when we went in for Samuel's surgery, he was almost 24 pounds. Now that is just crazy. Some of Milam's friends are that size. Heavens...I need a back brace.

Getting some love from daddy

Little Olson boys in the wagon


Laser Treatment Number 2...

Samuel's second laser treatment was cancelled! They diagnosed him as "cured". I knew it looked good, but am just sooooo thrilled. The dr. was amazed at how well it responded to one little treatment. He said we might want to come back for a touch up when he's older, but for now, we're done!! Yipeeeee....I can't tell you what a relief this is to me. Of course, I would have liked to avoid the 5:00 am wake up and go to the hospital ordeal, but Samuel was an angel...as always. I even found out he has an ear infection while we were there. The sweet little boy never cries so I had no idea. He was having trouble nursing the past couple of days, and I was wondering if he might be trying to wean himself. Poor baby. I am just so in love with him and his super sweet personality. Major milestone too...he cut his two bottom teeth. I could tell he was working on it, and sure enough I can feel the sharp ridge now.

Funny Milam sayings: He's always getting in trouble for throwing things. I mean, everything he can get his hands on is thrown. The other day he threw something, I can't remember what, and said "fetch it up mama"! Seriously? That is Nelly's command. On another throwing incident, right after he tossed something into the pool he said "What did I just tell you"? I hadn't realized I was using this saying when he doesn't mind me :0

On a sad note, Saggy Maggie is missing this morning. We had just started getting comfortable leaving the garage door open so they could roam. Ruby Mae is very upset and so am I. I'm also terrified someone is going to find her and call the mean cat lady. They have the shelter tags on because I haven't made new ones yet. I hope she comes home....

Bye Bye Hospital!!


The Pond Playdate

We had a playdate yesterday with Ethan and baby Ava. I knew sharing would be an issue, so I let Milam pick out one special truck to take with us. His took this very seriously and clutched onto that blue pickup truck the whole time we were there. When you step out of their playroom there is a big pool, covered by a net, right in front of you and on the other side of the pool is the swingset. When we walked outside, Milam was soooo excited about the big slide he didn't even notice the pool. He took off running accross the net. I had Samuel in my arms so couldn't react fast enough, but Liz fished him off of there. It scared him, and he kept saying "oh no...we have to get across the pond mama". We got his clothes in the dryer and carried on with the playdate in his diaper. It was so funny.... The fishing obsession continues and has been stepped up a notch. Milam found an old fishing pole in the garage and "fishes" in the pool, while Nelly tries to fetch. Every time she jumps in Milam cracks up. He gets very into casting and I'm just waiting for him to fall in. Get Ready Uncle Mark, you're gonna have a little fisherman buddy glued to your hip this summer at the lake!!! Rev up the S.S Harriette....

This really made my morning...I came downstairs in an old crappy dress and Milam said "oh mama, you look beautiful. i love your dress". I should try to see myself through his eyes more often. What a precious sweet boy. As for Samuel, he's started "talking"...saying the sound "da da da". It's amazing to me how fast they learn. His favorite book is 'What Deos Baby Say' by Karen Katz. On the page that goes: 'What does the cuddly baby say? Ma Ma!' EVERY time, he looks up at me and gives me the best squinty eye grin. Only on that page. I think he already knows that I'm his Mama. And...this just melts me. The baby knows how to hug. When Brian gets home from work he throws his chubby little arms around him and buries his face into Brian's neck and hugs him. It is precious. He'll do it over and over....

These pics are from a rainy day indoor fishing session


You know you have a good babysitter when...

Brian and I snuck away Friday night for our five year anniversary and poor Tricia was up all night with Milam. She slept on the floor by his crib she was so scared he would stop breathing, and did not want to call us and ruin our night out. To top it off, she wouldn't even let us pay her. That's just over the top for a sitter. She's really more like a surrogate grandmother...not sure what I would do without her. I'm not really sure what was wrong with Milam. Seemed like croup, but not as severe as in the past? Or just a cold? Every time he gets sick with any cold-like symptoms, he wheezes terribly and can't breathe. It's very scary. He was fine Saturday and Sunday so I sent him to school this morning...he was ready to get out of the house and I love this downtime with Samuel. Today we sat in the yard and played with the kittens...who are now referred to as Ruby Mae and Snaggy Maggie. As you can see, they are enjoying their new home and some time outside.

Ruby Mae or Snaggy Maggie?

This boy is in love with his tongue...

Always out!