Big Fish

Today was tough...I won't go into details but it ended with major poop in the bathtub. Big boy poop. Not the little baby variety. I am out of ideas for getting a strong willed 2 year old to take a nap. I've tried threats, taking away the beloved blankie, laying in there...no such luck. I wouldn't worry if I thought he didn't need a nap, but after several days without...it is UGLY. Despite lack of sleep, I can see Milam's imagination really starting to grow. The other day he was singing "Happy Birthday to Me" (not a friend....me) and sticking every stick (aka birthday candle) he could find into his sandbox. Today, he was busy "catching fish" in there. What really cracks me up is the boy can already tell a tall tale. He always catches a "BIIIIIIG Fish". Never a little one. Our fabulous friend Kelly took some pics of the boys yesterday...here's a sneak peek on her blog - http://lala-photography.blogspot.com/. I am super in love with them....thank you Kelly!!!

the great fisherman


Ruby and Saggy Maggie?

After a final rude phone call, we passed the kitty test I guess. I hope to not ever speak to that cat woman again...she was just awful. Milam is thrilled about his new "catties". We tried to name them Ruby and Mae, but for some bizarre reason Milam will only refer to them as Ruby and Saggy Maggie. I have no idea where this is coming from...will have to ask Miss Rose if that is a song from school. So funny to me. We'll see if it sticks.

Weekend Without Babies

I got to spend the weekend baby free with my best friends from college to celebrate Robinsky getting married soon. For anyone that doesn't know this girl...she is the most crazy and fun person to be around...with a history of obsessive flashing. I'll keep the blog G (or at least PG-13) rated and just say that a good time was had by all....especially after Cecil, the blowup doll, arrived. I missed my babies tremendously, but have to admit...it was a nice break. Two delicious meals at a restaurant, in one weekend, without inhaling my food, was a REAL treat. As was sleeping past 7:00 am. It really does feel like one of your legs is missing when they are away though. Hope Brian isn't too worn out...sounds like they had a great weekend playing with Yates and Stella Friday, then cousins Reese, Mason and Lily the rest of the weekend.

Darling Robin...soon to be Mrs. Alvarado


Oh boy....

We have been spending lots of time in the backyard this week. Our nap situation is not good, so we've been kinda stuck here. Milam seems to be enjoying it...when Samuel is napping that is. When I picked Milam up from school on Friday they told me Miss Rose, the music teacher, had a taught a song about frongs and Milam couldn't get enough of his "ribbit" solo act. He loooooves to sing and dance. That afternoon I went to have a seat in the yard and almost sat down on a real live frog. Milam was in awe. I think he thought Miss Rose put it there especially for him. We kept an eye on him all afternoon. Eeeew. I hate frogs. The next morning he woke up asking about the frog so we went to see if he was still there. Yup, still there. More frog watching for us. Then, onto some swimming in the rainwater that had collected in the sandbox cover. There was a dead worm in there, that Milam insisted on carrying around for a good 30 minutes. Sick!!! He was devastated when I wouldn't let him bring it inside so I got a bowl of water for the dead worm to "live" in outside. Seriously? Thank goodness he finally set him free with a good Milam toss into the bushes. Raising boys is so amusing to me. I can't dream what he'll discover next. Snakes., mice and big spiders...stay AWAY from my house. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the snail collection....they are in a tupperware camping out in the living room.

I think he's trying to cut a tooth....lots of snot and drool

Milam practicing his outside voice. He's veeery good at it.

And quite proud of himself


Boys in the Bathtub, Boys in the Bed

It was a relaxing weekend at home for us...rare and wonderful. Milam and Samuel had their first bath together. Samuel was loving it at first, and then started getting a little concerned with the choo choo squirter in his face. Brian got to "sleep in" on Sunday, but it didn't last long. Does waking up before 8 even count as sleeping in? Milam has discovered how to go wake us up and looooooves doing it whenever he gets the chance. Sorry Brian. We both could have used the sleep. The third of four middle of the night interruptions last night was Nelly barking. Weird becuase she's usually right next to our bed...ooops. Guess we forgot to let her...poor Nelly. She had been out for lord knows how long and was barking at the FRONT door at 2:00 in the morning. I'm glad to know she knows her way home, but would it kill her to sleep quietly on the porch? i don't have much tolerance for pet wake-ups these days. So I know it's crazy that I've been wanting to get 2 outside cats. I went to the petstore today and what did I find? A whole litter of adorable orange and white kittens looking for a home. I immediatly went to the adoption station and I'm telling you what...my interview was brutal. The lady did not like me very much at all, and asked the rudest questions. I had to lie by booty off too. She wanted to know if my 2 year old was hyper or gentle. Um....yes, he's very calm and gentle. She wanted to know if he's the type to stop right when I tell him to. HA! I am cracking up even thinking about it. If you've heard the Easter petting zoo story you know what I'm dealing with here. However, I was totally offended....who is she to judge that we would be a bad home? I'm pretty sure I can handle it. So anyway, she said the cats are reserved for me, but I am fully expecting a phone call saying she found a better home.

lazy saturday morning

woo hoo...this is fun!

Not so sure...

I am in love with this babies smile...all those dimples


Haircut and Hydrangeas

Every now and then Milam will shock me with a random act of compliance. Like yesterday, when I picked him up from school and decided, on a whim, to get his haircut before returning home knowing my chances of cooperation were slim. He's always seriously hyped after school and tired...and it was pouring. But man, that lady had him all trimmed up before he could even finish the lollipop I bribed him with. It was EASY and he did great. Whew...what a relief. He's not being quite as compliant with his nap today...I can hear him hooting and hollering through Samuel's monitor. That child is LOUD! I knew two naps in a row was too good to be true. I rushed out this morning after Samuel's nap to do my semi-annual plant shopping and to my delight there was a huge, beautiful, blue hydrangea staring at me. Samuel convinced me to get it...if I can keep two boys alive...not to mention fed and clothed (most days), why can't I keep a plant alive? So I splurged....and I am loving it. Reminds me of my wedding day.



and punkin samuel


So Samuel...

I am a strong believer that babies are born with a personality. Samuel's is coming out more every day and here are some things that make him very different from big brother:

  • He will let me snuggle him all day long. My favorite times of day with him are when I get to sneak off to put him down for a nap. He will let me rock him to sleep, listen to my crappy lullabies and just stare into my eyes....heaven. At any point during the day he will sit in my lap and nestle his head against my chest.
  • When he does wake up at night he just coos himself back to sleep. No loud crying to it. I leave the monitor on, because his little noises actually comfort me back to sleep. With Milam I was on the verge of earplugs ;)
  • The child is so laid back. I brought him with me to have my teeth cleaned the other day and he just chilled in my lap and watched. Are you kidding me? I couldn't even take Milam to the mall.
  • He plays peekaboo. He's started doing this when I change him. He'll cover his eyes and wait for me to say "where's samuel?" before removing them....precious!!!
  • He loves the jumperoo and will jump and jump and jump.

This might sound like I'm favoring samuel...NOT the case. I am just amazed how different they are. Milam is so, so vocal. His favorite thing to do these days is try and boss us all around with statements such as "No singing in the car mama, you just listen to the radio; No more talking in this bed (when i'm trying to bribe him to sleep); I want Samuel to go night night (when he's not getting ALL the attention); You come off the couch and play....i could go on and on. He cracks me up. Life would seem dull without him.

Samuel's first meal in the highchair. Milam quickly started shreiking "that's my highchair", so we're back to the bumbo...even though you have to pry him out with two hands


The Easter Bunny Goes Hop Hop Hop

We had such a great time at the lake for Easter. The chilly weather didn't slow anyone down. Isabel even went swimming....brrr. We took the kids to the Bluebonnet festival parade and they loved it. Milam was so into it, he wouldn't even let me talk to him. We were excited to wake up Sunday morning to sunshine, and the kids had a nice egg hunt. I was convinced Milam would puke, because he found 5 marshmellow bunny stuffed eggs right off the bat. All 5 went into his mouth faster than we could blink. He didn't puke....but sweet Hudson did. Maybe next year we'll stick to one jelly bean per egg. I love being able to spend this special weekend with both of our families at the lake. It's a tradition we hope to continue forever. I also love that milam adores my sister. He woke up from a nightmare screaming "I want Ash-a-lee". I know my boys will be in good hands if something ever happens to us.

Ashley and baby Samuel

Sweet Caroline

Milam Egg Hunting


Another Blog Is Born

funny how friends can make me want to do things i wouldn't have considered or known about otherwise...joining facebook, creating a blog...not sure what is next but glad i can depend on friends to keep me current. speaking of current, today i am finally getting a haircut and insisting on at least 4 inches to be removed. who let me grow my hair so long!?! back to the blog...not sure how i will keep this up when most days getting on makeup seems like a HUGE accomplishment. but i plan to give it my best effort and hope to document some of the milestones, stories, photos, and glimpses into our life. today is a good day to start with samuel's 6 month checkup. two weeks late becuase i didn't have the heart to do it right after the laser surgery. which, by the way, is healing remarkably. he weighed in at 22.1 pounds and 28.5 inches long...greater than 95th percentile for both. who's giant genes are theses? i'm not sure but his thighs sure are stinkin' cute. i am always giving brian a hard time that milam's energetic personality comes from his gene pool (no offense olson's) and the other day as milam was talking a mile a minute and humming (his new thing) he quickly brought it to my attention that those genes are directly from my grandad. what a sweet, sweet man. i couldn't deny it. he never stops talking or whistling....ever. We're off to the lake to spend the Easter weekend with family in the morning.